Google It: 5 Ways to Target Gen Y


This post was co-written via Google Wave between McKenzie Lawton and Melanie Wong

There is no doubt that Google is a huge company that has blown up in revenue over the past couple years. Most recently, they spent 30 Million US dollars acquiring Gizmo5. Google has also acquired Blogger and YouTube with huge settlements. Google has penetrated not only the Millennial Generation, but every generation significantly. For us, we tend to stray from the norm and we often tend to dislike behemoth corporations. But for some reason, Google keeps me begging for more. Google allows us to be ourselves while maintaining their brand.

My addiction to Google (Melanie) As a blogger, I’m completely addicted to Google Reader. Reading through my feed has gotten me extremely addicted to pushing the space bar button over and over and over again, it’s linked me with the world. My desire to connect with my friends, with what’s hot and what’s current all stems from my Google Reader. After writing, for the tech freak in me, I want to see what demographics I am attracting, who is reading my blog and where. That way, I am able to cater to my audience and change my format of writing if need be.

The Way I Use Google (McKenzie) I use Google to organize my life as a student. Google Calendar makes sure that I know exactly what I’m doing and when. Without it, I might even forget to go to class or a meeting. I use Google Desktop to organize all of my news, to-do lists, notes, appointments, and search engines right where I need them the most. Most recently, I began using Google Chrome as my web browser and I couldn’t love it more. It reflects my own personality through the themes and ease-of-use. And like Melanie, I am also a blogger, so I use Blogger and Google Analytics religiously.

1. Synchronize, synchronize, synchronize –

We both have sold our souls to our Blackberries . We get the Google Mobile App for free and get apps from Gmail to Google Calendar. But what we like about it, is the synchronization of everything. We are able to tie our Google Calendar and mark it online from any computer, and in seconds, view it on our phone. We want one source of effort and expect multiple forms of distribution. Also, because Google is mainly all online, it can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. But what the best thing about this is, for applications like Google Reader, after a blog post is read, it is marked and given the opportunity to be shared to the rest of whoever else is following. We want to be able to share what we like, Google Reader does this perfectly.

2. Fast and Free –

There is no doubt that Google search is fast. They reemphasize that by putting the milliseconds it takes for the search engine to come up with thousands, if not millions of hits on your search item. How much faster can it get?! Google has perfected the art of online search that “Google” has become a verb synonymous with search. Google is even attempting to make the entire Internet faster. All this emphasizes that we want fast, and want it free. And as poor college students, we, of course, wouldn’t be able to do any of this if Google’s services weren’t free. So for any business out there, you will be remembered if your brand is efficient, fast, and low in cost. We will remember your brand from the thousands of other ones out there and distinguish you from it — allowing for revenue to be generated multiple times after.

3. Personalization –

We want people to take notice that we are one person, no one else. Google recognizes this and makes all of their services incredibly easy to use and customizable. Google Chrome, iGoogle and Gmail all allow for individual themes to be created or uploaded. Everything about Google makes it malleable for change (for people who love minimalistic design, Google has that too)

4. Innovation –

Google’s newest innovation is Google Wave. It’s a real-time communications tool that helped the writers of this article collaborate. Google is even releasing its own Operating System in the near future and creating a web protocol called SPDY meant to enhance HTTP and make the web faster. They always seem to have new ideas in the mix and they’re always up for communication and feedback. Currently, Google is asking Google Wave users to submit feedback to improve the budding system. Y-ers want constant updates and new products to get what we want. Google does this with such ease that they make it seem effortless. We want to help contribute to the development of new technology, we want to be a part of the trend and not just follow it. Allow us to help the companies out there succeed by providing our input.

5. There’s an app for that -

Google has so many different services out there, that they eliminate any issues before they arise. The amount of products Google offers is astonishing. You can even search US patents or create 3D models. You can have e-mails links to any RSS feeds or communicate with a group through a Google Group.

Is there anything Google cannot do for us?

Melanie Wong Melanie Wong is the Managing Editor for the Brands section. A senior at Emerson College in hopes of a B.S. in Marketing Communications: Advertising and Public Relations. She also carries a Entrepreneurship minor. Melanie is in the process of developing a business plan for a Social Media Consulting Agency based in San Francisco hoping to package social media to small local businesses. She loves writing about technology (avid WoW player and Xbox 360 devotee), social media, hot trends and cute things (see blog). Her favorite blogs include Mashable, Copyranter, and Twitter: @melanieswong

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8 Responses to “Google It: 5 Ways to Target Gen Y”

  1. Citizen X

    “Is there anything Google cannot do for us?” It appears not, including selling all of your private information to foreign dictatorships.

  2. Andy from Wisconsin

    Responding to your implications that google is king shat – f.n.a , Dug “the new duh”
    To say that there is noting that google can't do for you is not quite correct. They are not at there peak, and no where near there potential or peak growth curve. For example, you folks are sure to experiment with google analytics and adwords.

    Why with all of googles wisdom, have they not produced automation for there ad bidding on anual holidays, days of the week to make advertisers money go round.

    Or, why is the Android platform not completely open source?

    Why does google filter results to match particular criterion, irregardless of there users history, when they are here to serve?

    TED explains Google
    Just kidding, Google is the shiz – Shoes and Zebraz


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