Gen Y’s Bucket List

By Andreana “Addy” Drencheva 

Have you even wondered what the ultimate Gen Y’s bucket list would look like? What do millennials want to do? I wondered, so I asked other millennials to share their bucket lists and here is what we want to do before we kick the bucket.

We want to travel A LOT:

  • To certain cities like Chicago and countries like Cambodia, Greece, India, England, Italy,  Ireland, Japan, and many others
  • Or just visit every state in the USA, at least half of the countries on Earth*, all seven continents**, travel for a year, or simply travel around the world**

We want to engage in other travel-related activities:

  • Attend a multi-day music festival
  • Celebrate midsummer in Scandinavia
  • Dance flamenco with traditional clothes in Spain
  • Dance tango in Argentina
  • Drive across the country and back taking different routes
  • Experience the carnival in Rio de Janeiro or in Trinidad*
  • Gamble (a lot of money for some of us) in Las Vegas*
  • Go on a month-long cruise
  • Go somewhere new every year
  • Go to a World Cup Soccer game, to all World Cup 2014 games, to a UEFA Champions League Final, to the Olympics, to a World Series game, and to every major sporting event for NCAA football/basketball/baseball, MLB, NBA and NFL
  • Go to the North and South Poles
  • Have a stake in Argentina
  • Party in Las Vegas
  • Ride on a horseback across the Australian outback
  • Take a road trip across Europe in an Aston Martin
  • Take a (month-long) road trip (with best friends) across the USA*
  • Spend a month in Ibiza
  • Spend New Year’s Eve on Times Square
  • Stand on the veranda of the Taj Mahal
  • Stay with Bedouins in Petra, Jordan
  • Surf in Australia and/or Hawaii*
  • Take a first class international flight on Virgin Airlines
  • Visit all the touristy NY spots
  • Visit Sequoia and Yellowstone National Parks
  • Visit the Alphonse Mucha museum in Prague
  • Watch a musical on Broadway

We want to engage in some simple and some not so simple activities:

  • Attend a Jewish wedding
  • Audition for American Idol
  • Be an extra in a film or a TV show
  • Cook a five-course meal
  • Drive a race car
  • Get a professional massage at a spa
  • Get into a fight and preferably win
  • Go skinny dipping in a large body of water
  • Go snowboarding*, scuba diving*, bungee jumping**, skydiving**, canoeing, kayaking, target shooting
  • Have a lucid dream
  • Have a threesome
  • Hold a trained falcon
  • Kiss someone in the ocean like the scene in The Beach
  • Paint on an easel and canvas
  • Ride a helicopter
  • Ride an elephant
  • See So You Think You Can Dance live tour
  • Sing at a karaoke bar
  • Snuggle with a giant cat and not have it kill me
  • Stomp grape for wine making
  • Take a pole dancing class
  • Watch a movie in a drive-in theater

We want to meet famous people and do interesting things with them:

  • Have a hot night with Prince William
  • Make friends with a rockstar
  • Make out with Chris Angel
  • Meet and drink with Anderson Cooper
  • Meet David Beckham
  • Meet Ina Garten
  • Play a round of golf with a PGA member
  • Ski with Alberto Tomba
  • Throw a shoe at a world leader who sucks

We want to learn and develop our skills:

  • Become a skilled Swing dancer
  • Become patient
  • Fluently speak Italian*, Japanese*, Portuguese, Spanish**, or simply a foreign language** or more than one (nine for some of us)
  • Learn (or re-learn for some of us) to play the guitar*, another string instrument or the piano*
  • Learn to play the piano and sing at the same time
  • Learn to cook*
  • Learn to dance*
  • Learn to drive manual
  • Learn to use a sewing machine and knit, then make clothing
  • Learn yoga

We want to accomplish certain things (personally and professionally):

  • Be a part of a flash mob
  • Be a really awesome old person
  • Be in a musical
  • Be on TV in a main role
  • Be successful
  • Become a teacher/professor
  • Become a trained chef
  • Become Lucille Bluth
  • Break 250 in bowling
  • Build a house (with secret passages) and live in it*
  • Build something bigger than a birdhouse
  • Climb the ten highest mountains and drink milk on the top of each one
  • Create an award-winning ad campaign
  • Design a fashion line for United Colors of Benetton
  • Design a handbag
  • Do a century ride (100 mile bicycle ride)
  • Do a stand-up routine in front of a live audience, although a dead audience might be easier
  • Do what Baby Boomers have never been able to do: retire in style
  • Eliminate college sororities
  • Fly a plane
  • Get a tattoo*
  • Grow up my own vegetables and then live through ingesting them
  • Have a blog and post at least once a week for a year
  • Have a herd of corgis, ala Queen Elizabeth
  • Have a movie based on my life
  • Have a photo on the cover of National Geographic
  • Have a piece published in Rolling Stones
  • Have a radio talk show
  • Have my own page in Encyclopedia Dramatica
  • Live and work on a horse ranch for a year
  • Maintain a garden
  • Make $1 million in a year
  • Make a lot of money
  • Make liquor
  • Move abroad
  • Open a restaurant
  • Own a house on the beach*
  • Own my own business
  • Pay off my student loans
  • Perform on stage
  • Play guitar in a band
  • Prove the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth
  • Run a marathon** or a half marathon for some of us
  • Speak at TED
  • Teach a yoga class
  • Write and publish a story, a novel or a book** in general

We want to save the world. If we can’t, we want to help save it by doing one or more of the following:

  • Adopt a pet
  • Grow my hair to my butt and then chop it all off to donate it
  • Spend 1-3 months volunteering in a developing country
  • Volunteer in Africa for a year
  • Teach someone to read and write
  • Volunteer for UNICEF
  • Start a scholarship fund
  • Work for a nonprofit organization
  • Save a life**
  • Fight teen suicide
  • Use my natural talents to do good in the world
  • Make a difference with my writing

Finally, we want to have unforgettable love affairs, eventually find real love, get married and have families.***

Millennials, what have you already achieved? What do you plan to achieve in the next year? Do you think our bucket list is different from our parents’ list? Share your thoughts in the comments.


* – common answer

** – very common answer

*** – the most common answer

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28 Responses to “Gen Y’s Bucket List”

  1. Carlee Mallard

    Alright since I completely missed the trigger on this one, I'm going to share some things on my own bucket list. BUT FIRST, I've already done some of the things on everyone else's list (and I'm inspired to add some to my own list!):
    # Go somewhere new every year – check (but I hope I can continue that one)
    # Watch a musical on Broadway – check
    # Go skinny dipping in a large body of water – check (what else are oceans for?)
    # Sing at a karaoke bar – check (last week in fact while I was NOT writing my bucket list)
    # Watch a movie in a drive-in theater – check
    # Move abroad – sort of check
    # Adopt a pet – check
    # Work for a nonprofit organization – check

    I'll add to that:
    *Go to a dance party on a beach in Eastern Europe
    *I also want to be a part of a flash mob (or any of big group project)
    *Go on a cheese tasting tour
    *Learn how to be a DJ
    *Learn how to respond calmly and empathetic-ally to difficult situations
    *Start my own business
    *Pay It Forward
    *Ride in a helicopter
    *Go on a cross-country road trip with my sister

    AND SO MUCH MORE. Thanks for letting me share after the fact :)

  2. Kevin Nolan

    Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for this community to come together and help people achieve those goals that they have on this list? Just looking through it I know that plenty of us could contribute to helping others achieve things (learning guitar, learning how to drive stick, etc.) No luck here though in the hot night with Prince William request, my people don't know his people that well.

  3. Andreana Drencheva

    When I move back to Europe, you are invited to come for the beach party in Eastern Europe :) On my list is a month0long trip to Ibiza for the summer, so we can do that too.

    You should also come to Milwaukee for the cheese tasting tour. Remember we've discussed this?!

  4. Andreana Drencheva


    This is a great idea and I've been thinking about it. Our only problem is distance since our writers are from all around the country and even outside the country. There are certain things we can achieve. For example, the traveling part would be an easy one.

    What are you interested in helping with and what would you like help with?

  5. Carlee Mallard

    Have you seen the website ? It's an entire community devoted to sharing tips on how they achieved their goals and items on their bucket list. Something like that, but for people that we sort of know, would be ideal.

  6. Kevin Nolan

    Interesting – I've never seen Going to have to check it out.

    But I like the idea – you'd just have to build out something like that, but have your users give out their geographical location and willingness to help. TNGG's spread-out community base does actually make the travel one ideal, which might be something a lot of other local communities would struggle with. You could lend a few days on your couch in exchange for a few days on someone else's, etc. (providing your roommates are cool with that, of course).

    As far as any involvement I would have – I'm in the Boston area and willing to help where I can :) I think you'd need to gather people's locations and specialties and from there people could get in contact with those who could help each goal come true. So, somewhat like 43things, but a more direct connection to the “how I did it” piece.

  7. Carlee Mallard

    Addy my dear, you just might make my dreams come true :)

    and OH I should have known the month-long trip to Ibiza was yours, haha. Friends always help make things happen. Now all I have to do is find a way to make a summer in Eastern Europe financially sustainable.

    Wisconsin cheese tour sounds great, but I honestly just cannot do that in the winter. Maybe a summer trip?

  8. Andreana Drencheva

    Thanks for the idea! We have a geo list of our writers or at least most of them. Now it is just a matter of seeing who is interested and how to get it done.

    I suck at music, so don't ask me for help with that. But I am ready for almost anything else, especially traveling :)

  9. Andreana Drencheva

    I don't think I can help with the financial issue :( , but I can help with the rest of the trip: planning, going to cool places, meeting fun people, etc.

    As of the cheese tasting tour, I wouldn't visit Wisconsin in the winter either. Even spring is chilly at the beginning (Ask Edward about that). You are welcome over summer. We can invite Angela. She wants to go to a music festival (Summer Fest!!!) and Chicago. Sounds like a plan?

  10. Kevin Nolan

    I'm a guitar-playing, stick-driving Bostonian. Although not at the same time. That would be dangerous.

  11. Angela Stefano

    YES! I've always wanted to go to Chicago again, and, well, Summerfest would be spectacular.

    Actually — FUN NEWS!! — I *might* be in Wisco for a short amount of time this summer. Plans are vague, by one of my good friends from school lives out there and wants me to come visit. We'll see…

  12. Angela Stefano

    I was one of the ones who wanted to (re)learn guitar. I may have been one of the ones who wanted to drive stick (I do want to learn, just forget if I wrote it or not).

    If you could teach me to do both, I'd hug you. If you could teach me to do both *at the same time*, you'd get a hug AND a high-five. And maybe cookies =P

  13. Andreana Drencheva

    Let me and Carlee know. Cheese tasting tour, Summer Fest and Chicago, that is almost as good as the September Boston – Buffalo – Montreal extravaganza :)

  14. Ilana

    You guys should check out They describe themselves as “a community of people exploring millions of things to do”. I'm sure they could incorporate something that would help people achieve the goals they list, it would make the site even better. Someone should talk to them about that. (hint, hint)

  15. Carlee Mallard

    Definitely keep me posted. A summer trip to Wisconsin could be possible given the right amount of encouragement :) What is summerfest anyways though?

  16. Craig Mc

    This list seems female orientated and Americanised, but other than that its pretty good.


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