Bruchim Hbaim le Tel Aviv

By Erez Angel

This post is part of a TNGG series on cities.

Welcome to Tel Aviv, Israel’s most vibrant, youthful city. Tel Aviv recently celebrated its 100th birthday, and although it has been added to UNSECO list of World Heritage sites, this metropolis is more new than it is old.

Everything a Millennial could want can be found here: need to work on your tan? Everywhere is within walking distance of the beach. Want to go see a show? You can find MAYUMANA, a percussion group in neighboring Jaffa that has performed all around world. Thinking about parties and places to drink? You’ve found your city. There is no last call – the last call is when everybody goes home.

Tel-Aviv is a city that never sleeps; it’s an island of tranquility in the middle of one the most stressed places in the world. It has been added to Louis Vuitton’s City Guide, which puts a focus on the hottest places to travel to, and is billed as “a city with young and beautiful people. A tourist can make friendships, since the city is small and friendships happen fast.”

Israelis are incredibly open people. In Tel Aviv, after 20 minutes in a bar, you can meet a new friend and get invited to one of the city’s famous private roof parties.

The city is also very gay-friendly, not an easy thing to find in the Middle East, and Pride Week is a big part of the summer festival and party season.

Tel-Aviv is like a combination between Rio de Janeiro and New York. As in Rio, the beach is a central location in the city. The locals even imported the Footvolley (a combination of soccer and volleyball) from the beaches of Rio – you can find yourself there all day, walking, playing soccer, or lounging. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are warm and Tel Aviv beaches are the best place to chill, get a tan, and check out the local bodies. Or you can have a drink at one of the many restaurants and cafés that dot the shoreline.  The New York similarities are more prevalent at night, as there are parties and places in Tel Aviv to go around the clock, like mega club TLV or Haoman 17.

The population in Tel-Aviv is compiled of mainly young people – 40% of the people living in the city are under 30. Walking around, you get the feeling that nobody works, but it seems that people are very busy, always going somewhere to have fun. And, while drugs are illegal in Tel Aviv, no one will arrest you if choose to sit on the beach and smoke a joint and soak in some rays. It is also legal to drink alcohol on the beach, so feel free to buy a six-pack of Goldstar (Israel’s most popular beer), and have fun.

Photos by Kelsey Marie Bell and upyernoz

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