Gen Y, activism and Obama

This is one in a series of interviews we’ll be doing with TNGG writers so readers can get a better sense of who they are, what they care about, and the issues and ideas that are on their minds.  Sometimes, I’ll chat with them, and other times writers will interview writers.

This brief interview, conducted yesterday at Mullen’s offices, introduces you to Jen Schmidt, graduate student, blogger, activist.  Jen’s written a number of pieces for TNGG on everything from the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, to the financial industry’s lack of accountability, health care, and even casual sex.  Check out her TNGG archives. And follow Jen on Twitter.  (While you’re at it, follow @thenextgreatgen as well.) And, of course, watch our video.

Do you have someone you want us to interview or someone you want to interview?  Let us know.  Thanks for reading.

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