Drama llamas ate my cell phone… and then stabbed me?

On April 15, 2009, then 18-year-old Rachel Wade stabbed 18-year-old Sarah Ludemann in the heart. Why? Because they had the same boyfriend, 19-year-old Josh Camacho.

Wade, now only 20, was sentenced to 27 years in prison for second degree murder. She is going to turn 21 in prison. She’s going to turn 30 in prison. She’s even going to turn 40 in prison. Essentially, her life is going to pass her by while she sits behind bars for doing what (most) girls do every day — fight over a guy.

Wade and Ludemann had been “fighting” via MySpace, emails, text messages and voicemails for months leading up to that night in April when their metaphorical argument came to physical blows.

Are Millennials so frustrated by the death of dating that they’re willing to kill? Are we so wrapped up in technology that it’s the driving force behind everything we do?

Say it with me now…W-T-F.

Stabbing? Really? She could have just tried to win him over with a nice meatloaf or apple pie, or better yet, she could have dumped his ass and found a dude who wasn’t surrounded with middle school playground drama.

Yes, technology has changed the romantic landscape in big ways. There are dating sites, “casual encounters” on Craigslist and combined with texting, email and Facebook, we can literally have a separate Inbox for every single person we’re “involved” with.  The fact of the matter is that violence has become a sort of trend in a small percentage of Millennial dating.

It’s a small percentage, but it’s still enough that it should raise concern. People are dying.

We’re dating a lot of people at once. We don’t want to get serious, we want to have fun and be successful; why can’t we accept this and move on sans sharp/dangerous objects and life sentences?

What’s our deal? All the evidence is pointing to the fact that we’re just going to fill up our little black books until we run out of paper, so why all the drama?


Movies paint picture-perfect endings that don’t happen very often. Music videos convey ideas of violence at the slightest inkling of cheating. Oprah tells us not to give up on love. The Beatles claim that all you need is love.

With the onset of technology, dating has morphed from a courtship marathon to an instant gratification sprint. It’s less John Lennon “I wanna hold your hand,” and more Lil Wayne, “Shorty wanna hump, you know I’d like to touch your lovely lady lumps.”

Technology killed romance and compassion, but it also killed patience (which I’m told is a virtue). Texts, emails, IMs… it’s all instant. We want everything now and if we don’t get it we flip out…and sometimes we stab people?

Over a dude/chick?


I suppose I do understand where Wade was coming from. I’m frustrated with emotionless, non-committal Millennial men, too…but do we stab people? No. We ignore technological prods from drama llamas. We write a sad poem in our journals and move on.

Let’s move to pass legislation that each new iPhone or BlackBerry should come with free therapy/anger management. Or next time you find yourself in a love triangle don’t get mad, get even. Squares are fun shapes, too.

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