Yeah, I did learn some stuff from my ‘rents

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Do you remember the moments when you were a kid, and your mom or dad sat you down for a chat? The kind of chat where they attempted to instill their wisdom into a single phrase or short story, so that you’d remember what they had to say for years to come?

Most likely it’s happened to you.

It’s happened many times to me, and as I look back on those moments with my parents, I’m startled by how many of those lessons I now live by. Funny how that works, eh?  At the time I was all, “Yeah, Dad. I get it. It costs money… Sorry, I didn’t realize it was so expensive!”

But now the tables have turned, and I’m as cost-conscious as my dear old dad who tried on many occasions – and definitely succeeded – in teaching me the value of a dollar.

In fact, I’d argue that if you’re lucky enough to have caring parents like I did, a lot of their advice probably has stuck with you. I know that my cost-conscious spending habits, desire to finish what I start, and knowledge that I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up, are all results of the life lessons my parents taught me.

I remember getting stuck with my dad on “Take your Daughter to Work Day” and ended up in his work vehicle traveling the back roads of Nova Scotia for an entire day. Imagine spending eight hours with your dad as a 14-year-old girl who just wanted to either have her nose stuck in a novel (Sweet Valley High, anyone?) or be anywhere but a technician’s work truck with her dad who wanted to have the “tough” conversations that day. It was a trap, I tell you!

A trap that made me sweat bullets just at the thought of what my dad might want to talk about. That day became a memorable series of moments that my dad and I sahred.. It might have been uncomfortable, but I learned a lot about him, and I’m sure he learned a lot about me, too. He’s a candid guy and has a very genuine way of speaking. And I did walk away with a whole host of new “lessons from dad.”

I remember the time I quit dance lessons because I hated them, and my dad understood that I wasn’t interested. He made me finish the year (it was already paid for), because that was the “right thing to do.” Guess who now likes to always finish what she starts, no matter how icky a situation she might be in?!

I remember the numerous times I called home throughout university because I was turned down for a job interview. My dad just told me that the right opportunity would come along at the right time and that I didn’t need to worry about all the other jobs. They probably didn’t suit me anyway. He was right about that, too.

And, I remember the millions of times that my dad has told me that I can be anything that I want to be. He’s been saying it since I was in first grade, and he still says it today. I know it’s true, because I’m still saying it too.

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