Soon, Your Smartphone will be Your BFF

Who is your best friend? I mean, really….think about it. Who do you have with you at all times? Who do you sleep next to every night? Who do you tell all of your secrets to? If you’re thinking your BFF Jill, think again. In reality, if you’re not already addicted to your smart-phone, you soon will be. Seriously. Your smart-phone is or will soon be your best friend, your life support, and your go-to source for everything.

Think back to when Zack Morris whipped out that monstrous piece of plastic called a “mobile phone”…not so mobile. It was bigger than his head and required two hands to operate. Look how far we have come. It’s obvious that cell phones have left an unmatchable impact on how we communicate, but how deep has the damage gone?

Luckily, we did not live in the days when snail mail was the only way to talk to grandma. Scary for our kids, landlines are now being phased out in terms of personal communication and a simple phone call has become an irritation or a waste of time. We are so preoccupied, that a five-minute phone call is a disturbance because we would rather take thirty seconds and send a text message. Is this just sad?

Personally, I’ve been in this boat for years now. It is just so much more convenient to send information via text to my close friends because I can do it all at once. I talk to my parents on the phone because they don’t know how to use their smart-phones effectively. Otherwise, I’d probably text them, too.

A Wall Street Journal article explained, “a recent survey of 2,000 college students asked about their attitudes toward phone calls and text-messaging and found the students’ predominant goal was to pass along information in as little time, with as little small talk, as possible.”

Sound familiar? According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of people ages 18-29 sleep with their cell phone. 90%. Clearly, our digital lifestyles have taken over. Social media has helped to drive consumers to be dependent on their cell phones because of our need to connect and share with others in the digital space. The location-based check-in fad also fuels the need to have a cell phone available at all times. The development on applications for smart phones is just the cherry on top.

We can do virtually anything on our little BFF, making it the most important product we carry with us. This will only get worse in the future as more advancements in capabilities are made. Soon, our whole lives will be depend on something electronic, plastic, and hand-held.

Casey Schoelen I am a recent college graduate trying to figure out my next step in life. Until then, I'm living life day by day. I'm enjoying spending time with my friends and family, doing some traveling and relaxing, and finally reading a book for fun for the first time in years. I am extremely outgoing and love meeting new people. Everyone has their own exciting story to share. I love traveling, sports, history, reading, Europe, cooking, and reality television. Some of my goals are to visit all seven continents, learn another language, and see the north pole. Every day is the chance for a new adventure.

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3 Responses to “Soon, Your Smartphone will be Your BFF”

  1. Jessica

    Interesting article, Casey!

    I love being able to be constantly connected, with my email, my social networks, and my friends merely a few clicks and some keyboard taps away. And I love being able to text and not have to deal with annoying small talk!

  2. Casey Schoelen

    Thanks Jessica!

    I am sad to say I fall into the category of everything in the article. I sleep with my phone and text more than I send emails or talk on the phone most of time the time. I’m just big on multitasking so it’s convenient. I feel naked without my iPhone hahaha I just take comfort in being able to A. contact others if needed or B. someone can contact me if needed. At least I know I’m not the only one!


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