5 Gift Ideas for the Foodie Millennial

Every Foodie Millennial dreams of the picture-perfect kitchen whilst living in a less-than-picture-perfect-sized space. But, we do the best we can in our one-bedrooms or bachelor pads, living the single life of an emerging entertainer, ready to dominate the latest food trends or show off our knowledge of the subtleties between wine aged in oak vs. unoaked, and so on.

So, for all those Millennials in your life, or to send some not-so-subtle hints to the parental units, here are five amazing foodie gift ideas. Priced, of course, as highest “value” to most “affordable.”

1. The classic red Kitchen-Aid Mixer (~$299.99)

Every budding chef has a burgeoning love for the signature Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer. Who wouldn’t want this amazing machine to gracefully adorn their kitchen counter, impressing any and all who come to visit – who cares whether or not it was used in the preparation of the impending dinner? The bottom line: it looks gorgeous. Get your jealous on.

2. A top-notch wine corkscrew (~39.99)

When company comes a-calling, we want to look our best. And, sometimes uncorking a bottle of wine can go from appearing graceful and impressive to downright awkward and potentially unsuccessful (who hasn’t had at least one cork get stuck in the bottle? Are you with me?!). To make sure that you can constantly impress company and look both polished and demure while opening each and every bottle of red (or white – who really cares?), invest in only the best for your nearest and dearest Millennial wino.

3. Classic French press, perfect for the morning after (~39.95)

Designed exclusively for Starbucks, this classic French press will stand out against the plain white kitchen tiles. (And, it will match your new Kitchen-Aid perfectly!). So simple that anyone, including that guy you took home from the bar, can use it. Ah, smell the java!

4. A soon to be classic cookbook (~35.00)

We live and breathe the Food Network, but who are we kidding? We want to accomplish the fantastic-looking dishes without a lot of fuss. Well, food icon Ina Garten has put out a cookbook that should suit Millennials perfectly! How Easy Is That? is designed to be a no-muss, no-fuss type of book that will have you wowing your friends in mere minutes. We all love watching Ina win over Jeffrey with her amazing cuisine, so maybe now we can win friends and loved ones with Ina’s own recipies!

5. Butcher block that doubles as a serving surface (~24.99)

Every kitchen needs a substantial butcher block. And, it makes for a chic way to show off hand-made apps and delicious blocks of cheese… everyone loves cheese and IKEA, right?

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7 Responses to “5 Gift Ideas for the Foodie Millennial”

  1. Julia Drewniak

    Yes yes yes! Fantastic. But there are a lot of kitchen essentials that the foodie millennial, if they don’t already have, a thoughtful gift giver can invest in. Plus there are plenty of sales/clearances going on that would allow you to buy more than you normally could! Check out sales/coupons!! So great!

      • Julia Drewniak

        Pretty much I sign up for anything! Borders/Amazon student etc. Get anything you can for free! I mean, you can always delete the email/filter. I mean, I have become such a Mom, looking at the Sunday papers, searching for coupons etc.

        The 10-15 minutes you spend searching for coupons, is totally worth the savings! Cause then you can always use the extra money for other gifts!! :D

        Happy Shopping!

  2. Jason

    Great ideas! And yes, I’ve experienced that terribly annoying situation where a cork is jammed or broken in the bottle. The foil cutter, that comes with a nice corkscrew, is key as well.


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