TNGG’s First Podcast: ‘There Will Be Spoilers’

People have always told Matt Fondiler that he has a voice for radio, so in March 2010 the Southern California native decided to do what any technologically adept Millennial with a silky smooth baritone would do: he started a podcast.

The podcast, There Will Be Spoilers (TWBS), combines Fondiler’s love of movies with his golden vocal chord appeal. Each episode is a 25 to 30 minute conversation between Fondiler and his other movie maven friends and can be found on, iTunes, and now on TNGG!

“I’ve just always loved movies and I know all of my friends do too, so it seemed like a natural conversation topic,” Fondiler said of the project. “It’s been a super-fun project, and the best part is that I can easily maintain it at my leisure and I don’t need to get 20 people together the way you would if you wanted to shoot a short film.”

Fondiler records the shows at TWBS Studios, better known as his crash pad, but has also recorded some shows at Carolla One Studios (home of The Adam Carolla Show) and “a few eps on the road in New York.”

A new episode is uploaded every Monday. “Each episode I invite a different friend to join me. We’ll pick a topic or two ahead of time, pour some drinks, and just roll with it,” Fondiler mused.

TWBS is fun, snarky and always a good time even if you’re not Ebert, Roeper or haven’t watched an entire movie since The Lizzie McGuire Movie was on the Disney channel’s regular circulation.

In March, TWBS will celebrate its first birthday. Fondiler attributes his success to two things: “The glorious power of the Internet. Also I have a pretty sweet microphone.”

You can listen to the first TNGG hosted episode.

Check back every Monday for the latest movie musings from TWBS.

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