Cheapishly: Hello Sailor! Stripes are back for Spring

It’s about that time of year. The snow is melting, leaving the sidewalks covered in vast slushy oceans complete with hidden icebergs. But the glass is definitely half full with this melted-snow water because it means spring is coming!

And what better way to usher in the new season than with a nice nautical top. As I was online window shopping (due to being confined to my apartment thanks to aforementioned slush oceans) I came across this perfectly draped, dramatically-striped J.Crew Sailor Sweater.

So with this inspiration fresh in my mind, I made a pilgrimage to my friendly neighborhood Forever 21, and…ahoy! I spotted this Wide Stripes Top for a sixth of the price. So now you know–you can sail into spring with a marvelous new top and some money in your pocket.

J. Crew Sailor Sweater $88

Forever 21 Button Tab Sleeve Wide Stripes Top $14.80

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2 Responses to “Cheapishly: Hello Sailor! Stripes are back for Spring”

  1. Zach M

    You sure those aren’t prison stripes on the J Crew girl? Your discovery really is such a fresh approach to an old theme. Killer pocket. She’s got flair! I’d pick her up hitchhiking any day.


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