Nice Guys’ Book Club: “A Podcast About Friendship and Breasts”

Ladies, if you’ve ever wanted to peer inside the male mind, and gentlemen, if you’ve ever wanted to feel secure in your own bromantic feelings, Nice Guys’ Book Club is for you.

Brett Rader and Josh Androsky became “extremely close” childhood friends who ended up, as fate would have it, living on opposite sides of the country. Brett lives in New York City and Josh lives in Los Angeles.

Their hilarious podcast was the brainchild of the two which they created to serve a dual purpose: 1. To keep up with each others lives. Josh does stand up in LA while Brett is in improv in NYC. And 2. To practice their comedic craft with one another and showcase it for an audience of their peers.

And so began Nice Guys’ Book Club, which advertises itself as “a podcast about friendship and breasts,”–which it is, but it’s also a shining beacon of hilarity and an epic tale of bromance.

Josh and Brett record over Skype and then Brett produces the show, adding live sound effects, in his Astoria, Queens apartment.

“We usually start off each episode with discussing anything that is on our mind that week, that’s if we don’t immediately go off on some tangent,” Brett said. “We respond to listener email and voicemail on the air as well.” Listeners can leave the guys a message by emailing or calling 818-814-NGBC.

The guys post shows about once a week…the day depends on their schedules, but shows include a handful of weekly segments that bring the LOLs and LMFAOs. Such segments include:

- The Conglomunet Industries Weekly Music Review: One host picks a song each week that they dissect in the name of having the best taste.
- Douchebag Thought of the Week: Exactly what it sounds like. Everybody has some thoughts where immediately after you say to yourself, “Am I a douchebag for thinking this?”  The Nice Guys air these thoughts to the world each week.
- The Fastest 30 Seconds Sponsored by Disaronno: A fast paced topical question and answer segment.
- Am I High Or…: Similar to the D’bag Thought. Weekly musings that are seemingly from the brain of Timothy Leary or Willie Nelson
- HOT GUYS: Two male celebrities with similar sounding names get graded solely on looks and perceived husbandry.

Brett said he and Josh are inspired by Adam Carolla, Bill Simmons, Dan Savage, Marc Maron, Scott Aukerman, and Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon–all hilarious male comediens.

Check TNGG every Wednesday for the latest in satire, boob-talk and bromance from the Nice Guys.

Listen to their first TNGG hosted episode here.

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