TNGG Top 9 of ’90s Week

Too cool for school, are we? It’s OK — we’ve got you covered! We’ve assembled a list of the best of the best from TNGG ’90s week so you can catch up on what you missed when you were recovering from plastic surgery  on vacation in Thailand or whatever you crazy kids have been up to:

“Move it, Football Head” — ‘Hey, Arnold’s Life Lessons

Now that we’re old enough and/or our mouths aren’t full of String Things 85% of the time, we’re able to wax philosophical about this after-school classic. Join the debate!

As Long As You Love Me: Our Favorite 90s Hearthrobs

We’re not going to make you come right out and admit that you had to kiss [a picture of] Justin Timberlake goodnight before you could fall asleep… as long as you click this link, that is.

‘As If!’ The 10 Best Movie Quotes of the 90s

“You had me at ‘hello’”

Umm… bye.

But seriously, read this.

How Many People Can You Fit in Your JNCOs?

Disasterous fashion trends of the ’90s. Hysterically funny and deeply concerning in one fanny pack-age.

“Life From New York It’s Total Request Live!”

Before Jersey Shore re-defined our generation there was TRL… (*cue screaming, crying, and Carson*)

The World According to Disney Princesses

Do you have a penchant for rule-breaking, seashell-inspired lingerie and men who are *just* out of reach? Or are you an idealist narcoleptic more likely to fall under the paternal influence of seven males with Napoleon complex until your (questionably necrophiliac) Prince Charming saves you from your paralyzing fruit allergy? Were the Disney Princesses childhood heroines or the reason you’re now on heroin? Discuss.

Hit Us, Britney, One More Time!

Before she went bat-$h!t crazy, shaved her head, and started beating automobiles with umbrellas, she was just a fresh-faced girl from Louisiana with a penchent for belly shirts. Ah, those were the days! A look back at our beloved Britney and where it all began…

No Lie, It’s Lame: Not So Awesome 90s Inventions

Exactly what it sounds like — tech that failed to live up to the hype. Written by TNGG’s very own brazen blonde tiny terror Lisa DeCanio. A must-read.

Columbine: An Example of Media-Made Myths

On the other side of the millenium, this story still sends shivers down your spine.

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