Cyber Stock: The Best of TNGG Internet Week

Comprehensive proof that the Internet is more than just pornography and identity theft, we are proud to present a compilation of TNGG Internet Week’s Best and Brightest (in no particular order, of course):

The Internet is (so much less) Awesome in China

by Laura Imkamp

An aspiring journalist/photographer living in Shanghai, Ms. Imkamp never saw herself — or her online portfolio — as a “social threat.”

The Chinese government would beg to differ. And they did — by blocking this TNGGer’s website. Ever since the recent social-media fueled revolts in Egypt/Tunisia/Syria/Bahrain, Chinese officials are going to new extremes to regulate the information its citizens have access to. “When a government blocks a website, it’s censorship. “When a very large and powerful government blocks a very small and trivial personal website, it’s paranoia.”

The Notification Obsession

by Samantha Talsky

Maybe you’re just looking for the validation that you made a wise decision in selecting Lucky Charms as your breakfast cereal of choice. Maybe you’re looking for assurance from your peers that your new haircut is super cute (‘omg u look so prettyyyyyyyy <33333 ’). Maybe we’re all just looking for some kind of lasting proof that our individual existence has meaning; that we are more than a transient compendium of atoms hurtling through the infinite blackness of an indifferent universe. Either way, what’s up with this compulsive need for notifications?

Best Viral Videos of Q1 2011

by William Sisskind

I’ll get straight to the point: of course that insipid Samantha Black song is on here. Still, there is some substance and talent mixed in with the train wrecks…

A Leaky Series of Tubes

by Alex Pearlman

With her bold, fresh insight, TNGG’s revolutionary Editor in Chief pens an expansive expose on the downfall of traditional media outlets, the subsequent rise of citizen journalism, and how a flood of leaks has (for better or worse) created a world awash in change.

Top 7 Web Comics

The Oatmeal

by McKenzie Lawton

If you think The Oatmeal is just a breakfast food, you should immediately clear your schedule and read this article.

How to Find a Mentor on Twitter

by Kelly Anne Meyers

Having recently celebrated it’s fifth birthday, Twitter has (quite literally) revolutionized the world and eclipsed the parameters which have always dictated our day-to-day communication. And yet, at it’s core, Twitter is nothing new; a conversation. If this little blue bird can change the course of entire nations, why shouldn’t it alter yours?

Bruce Sterling at SXSW on Passionate Virtuosity

by Sara Marie Watson

A first-hand exclusive on the famed Bruce Sterling’s closing remarks at the 25th Annual South by Southwest conference, including his commentary on Millennials, women, and what the #$%@! is ‘Passionate Virtuosity’?

A Vast, Virtual, Time-Wasting Space

by Angela Stefano

Whether Miss Stefano has effectively made your life better or worse remains to be seen (I hear will power is a beautiful thing). With this extensive archive of time-wasting cyber-vortexes, it becomes clear that procrastination truly is an art form. Read at your own risk…

Would You Pongr That?

by Brittany Wichtendahl

WTF is a Pongr? Valid question. Allow us to provide some answers…

Top 5 Annoying Facebook Albums

by Kristen McManus

Yeah, hi, I’ll take kissy-face-pout, skinny-arm-pose, cliche Ke$ha lyric-titled Facebook album for 500, please. You can laugh all you want, but we both know you’re guilty, because we’re ALL guilty. At the end of the day, We R Who We R, right?!?

… now come look at the 800 pictures I just uploaded of my cat. Just kidding… kinda.

**Cyber Bonus**

Internet Week Poll: Addicting Sites Most Likely to Land you in Rehab and/or Jail

by Yours Truly, Kayla Brown


What began as a simple query quickly evolved into something more when I suddenly realized that weaning myself off of was strikingly reminiscent of pinot noir soaked nights spent sobbing into tepid bathwater over former loves lost with nothing but Celine Dion’s Greatest Hits compilation to keep me company…

But I digress. We’ve had some compelling confessions regarding addicting websites and how they parallel relationships gone awry and now we want to hear yours!

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