Down the Tubes: The Green Week Effect

In honor of Green Week, I thought I’d save some energy — yours. Instead of reading hundreds of words, you get to watch a few short clips from NBC’s Green Week, now in its sixth year. Enjoy!

Who doesn’t love three minutes of NBC tooting its own solar-powered horn? Oh, everyone except for the people who made it? Sorry.

30 Rock always does the best job of simultaneously biting and caressing the hand that feeds it. (More proof, you say? Look no further than the Snapple clip from the first season.)

I still get a shiver of fear every time someone puts a number seven plastic into a number four container. Let’s avoid the bitter planet-decimating robots, yes?

Listen to this guy if you want your tires to look totally awesome. Being green starts with big, fat wheels on your SUV. Mostly this video was selected because of the incredible hotness of its narrator, the Matt Bomer (want more? Bomer’s on USA’s new-ish show White Collar. Definitely worth a Hulu.)

I find it hard to concentrate on KL & Hoda skewering these Etsy sellers’ items over the chorus of children singing things like, “Gotta think green, yeah we gotta start now,” and then repeating “think green” in progressively higher and higher chords until there’s nothing left to do but crescendo and consider the direction your life has taken.

On that note…Happy Green Week! May your tires be full, your recycling bin be appropriately numbered, and your thoughts be green.

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