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TNGG’s Jenn Orr recently sat down with the fellas from Love, the Bus. Maine natives Corey McLean, 23, Seth Brown, 23, and Tyler Dunham, 24, will be video documenting their cross-country road trip in a converted school bus this summer, raising money for various charities suggested by viewers along the way.

And it just so happens that the bus is eco-friendly – running on vegetable oil; decked out with solar panels, LED lights, and sustainably harvested floors/roof deck; and complete with a whiskey-stocked bar made from oak trees in Tyler’s backyard. The guys will be setting off June 12, making a stop at the Boston Apple Store to promote their endeavors on June 17. Follow their journey at LoveTheBus.tv and support their worthy cause!

Transcript below:

Jenn: Hi I’m Jenn Orr for TNGG and our 3 1 With today is with Corey McClean, Seth Brown, and Tyler Dunham, owners and operators of Love, the Bus. Guys, thanks for making the trip from Maine.

So can you explain to those of us who don’t know, what exactly is Love, the Bus?

Tyler: Love, the Bus is basically a project that we created that kind of follows the trip we’re taking across the country in a converted school bus, and trying to fund America’s best and worthiest challenges. So essentially everyday we’ll be taking viewer’s suggestion challenges and going out and completing the challenges whatever they might be, and raising money through corporate sponsors for an organization that the challenger supports. So you can suggest a challenge to us, we’ll go out and do it – whatever that might be – and we’ll give money to an organization they’ll use for it.

Jenn: So when did you guys start this endeavor and why, besides being good people?

Corey: So it started I guess at the end of last summer. We didn’t working on it start until October/late October. Basically we found out that school buses kind of become extinct after 10 years or 100,000 miles and they sell for really cheap so we decided we wanted to buy one, do this awesome road trip, and that was kind of it. But then we realized that that wasn’t really realistic. Our parents were going to be pissed, and that was actually really – our parents were going to be pissed. So we decided we should do something a little bit cooler if we wanted any chance at traveling on this bus. Naturally we decided that doing something positive for the community, which community is something that influenced us in how we operate day to day. We had this really supportive community growing up and, I don’t know it taught us a lot and we wanted to help other communities have that similar mentality. So we want to set out and our goal was to make this bus something really cool and attract a lot of people and help bring communities together wherever we may go.

Jenn: And last, but not least, what is your ultimate goal with Love, the Bus?

Seth: Well, goal number one is making it across the country without dying or getting arrested, or somehow being stopped. Ultimately we just want to go out and do as for communities around the country. There’s a lot of causes out there that need support, that need awareness, and we just want to creatively find a new way to get them money, to get awareness from the public, to get the public involved. So the more we can do, the bigger commotion we can stir as we’re traveling across, and that’s… that would be kind of a success for us.

Jenn: Excellent. Any additional comments?

Seth: Check out our site. Basically a cool thing about our show is that we’re editing, we’re shooting, we’re doing everything like that day. So no longer is there a week delay. We go out, we do something, and that night it’s online and it’s there for you to see. We’re trying to turn this into a conversation between the viewers – you guys – and us as we’re out there on the road. We want you to influence, be our GPS, guide us as we go, give us cool organizations to see, cool people to meet. If you know a cool hot dog stand, and that’s like the best one in Kentucky or something, tell us, we’ll go check it out. Anything like that – we want you guys to direct where we go because that’s what it’s about. It’s all about the conversation between us and you guys.

Jenn: And we can find you at LovetheBus.tv?

Tyler, Seth, Corey: Yes.

Jenn: Alright, check it out everybody. Guys, Thanks for being here.

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