Aidan Tart: Architect

Who says Millennials don’t care and have no drive? Meet Aidan Tart, an architecture student at the University of Oregon who loves his major so much it, sends him into a wild-eyed frenzy. Buildings are to Aidan as waking up like P.Diddy is to Ke$ha.

He’s our favorite builder since the other Aidan on “Sex and the City.” Watch Alex Stoltze’s video profile.

Alex Stoltze Attempting to create ideas as an advertising student at the University of Oregon in Track Town USA. I enjoy invading people's personal space by taking their portrait and posting it on my blog. I'm especially interested in design, ice cream, photography, blogging, twitter, weird Facebook statuses, sex, people who always have perfectly painted nails, people who wear mini skirts when it snows, jogging, tennis, sun, and words. Twitter: @aStoltze

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