Cheapishly: Glee Girl

Readers, my life was recently changed when I stumbled upon the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear (WWEPW) blog. Just in case you don’t recognize the character’s name off the top of your head, Emma Pillsbury is the charmingly OCD-afflicted guidance counselor on Glee. But she is also much, much more. As chronicled on WWEPW, she is a perky, preppy fashion icon who brings the past into the present perfectly.

And, as I have learned, one tried and true method to achieve that preppily-perfect Emma look is to combine monochromatic staples with a white bowed button-down. And of course, Mary Janes are a must.

But I figured my readers could handle a more advanced Emma ensemble such as the red, white and blue one below (shout out!) In this case, pencil skirt + stripes + vintage brooch is the key. For my take on this Lou Eyrich masterpiece, see the budget-friendly mood board below. And remember, being obsessive about fashion is never a bad thing.

Sheath Skirt, Zara, 39.90, Cooperative Scalloped Striped Sweater, Urban Outfitters, 19.99

Milly striped jersey button detail top, $175. J.Crew Double serge pencil skirt, $118


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