Top 4 Apps for Top 4 Things You Do

We’ve all had those moments when a touch of technology – via the touch of a smartphone – could really a make difference. Whether it’s saving face at an early morning meeting post night-out drinking, or how to find the closest train station, those trusty developers sure have saved the day time and time again.

While the roundups of “top apps” are countless and bountiful, and a simple “Top Ten Apps” list is erroneous, there’s a time and a place for the deep appreciation of a phone application. With that being said, whichever your need or current fancy, the top four phone apps you’ll need ASAP to help you when you’re in a crunch are as follows:

At the bar

- Bang/Buck: How much will the perfect buzz cost? Calculate the booze bang for your buck by entering the type of beer, percent alcohol by volume, price, and volume by which it is sold.

- Drink Specials: Where’s the closest Happy Hour?!  User-based map and bar-finder will get you where you need to be.

- Drink Buddy: Because it’s important to track your drinks/BAC throughout the night – to monitor cals, but to also know when to call the cab. And you can track your friends’ drunken progress, too!

- NIMBY: “No Intoxicated Messaging By You” To prevent drunken embarrassment, this app has you complete a series of short tests (word search, maze) prior to posting your tweet/G+ update/etc.

Stupid hungover: 

- Find my iPhone: Rough night? With this app, you can locate your phone on a map, send a message or play a sound, remotely lock the device, or wipe it to permanently to delete your data.

- BrainWave Hangover Relief: Throw in your earbuds and vibe out to this app, which gives off low-frequency sound waves to help provide relief from too much partying.

- Hangover Meter: Rely on this revolutionary Hangoveroscopic technology to determine the intensity and level of your hangover and compare it to those of your friends.

- Last Night Never Happened:  Save your social life the morning after getting carried away with drinks and tweets. Delete posts, status updates, comments, etc. all in one swoop.

Get your ass in shape:

- Nike + GPS: Track your runs via: distance, pace, time, and calories burned. When you’re finished, view a map of your running route, and where your pace surged and sloped.
- PumpOne: Access 700 workout plans, 5,600 instructional videos and a complete analysis of your progress – including workout regimens ranging from strength exercises to at-your-desk stretches.

- Thin-Cam: When recording a food diary, most of us skimp out on the true amount we eat. For the most accurate proportion-reporting, snap a photo of your meal and upload it to your photographic food diary.

- Lose It!: Set weight loss goals and achieve them through following a daily calorie budget.  Track your progress by recording daily food intake and exercise. The average activeuser has lost more than 12lbs!


- Gas Cubby:  Keep your vehicle operating at its peak and your money in your wallet. Track your gas mileage and vehicle maintenance – from oil change reminders to recording your recent MPGs.

- Google Maps: Because it’s clearly “the most useful piece of software in this universe.”

- Gas Buddy:  Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free! Locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices.

- FlightAware:  GPS-track your plane, stay up-to-date with your correct terminal, gate, and baggage claim info, as well as seeing all arrivals, departures and en route flights.

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