You’re Hired! Reality TV show style competition for.. an internship?

Ah yes, what many of us dream of hearing: “you’re hired.” But while this moment doesn’t usually involve balloons dropping and champagne bottles popping all around, one ad agency is looking to glitz up that moment in accepting one coveted position.

Companies are embracing us, the next great generation, as a valuable resource. Allen & Gerritsen is one such company, offering a select number of students the opportunity to compete for a digital strategy internship (deadline Sept. 25) focused on mentoring and developing leaders in the field.

One of AdAge’s Top 50 Independent Ad Agencies in the U.S and named the best place to work by the Boston Business Journal, Allen & Gerritsen is accepting applications (currently exclusive to Bentley University students, but fingers are crossed for the future!) to be featured on and compete in a reality TV style web show for a paid internship in their Watertown, Mass. office.

The competition dubbed “The Next Tech Apprentice” will eventually be filmed and displayed on the Tech Apprentice website and offer interns the opportunity to “learn a TON.” Interns will be researching what’s new in tech (mobile apps, augmented reality, you name it), helping to produce TECHi, a show that discusses tech issues with strategists Eric Leist and Mike Schneider, and on-the-job training for creating digital strategies for clients.

Applicants are encouraged to create a 1-2 minute video or blog post answering a few questions that will determine whether or not they’ve won a chance to compete on the TechApprentice show for the internship of their dreams. All you need to do is, “prove it and it’s yours.”

Converse is just one the brands competitors can work with on TechApprentice.

Why is the agency doing this? Leist, a 23-year-old Philadelphia native and A&G Emerging Tech Strategist says, “we want to push the envelope when it comes to education. We view this competition as our contribution to education 2.0. We’ll teach the contestants about how A&G approaches some of the social media and technology services we offer, then challenge them to deliver those services to our guinea pig brands (the Celtics, Boloco, Converse, and more to come).”

CEO Andrew Graff is down to hire millennial innovators, acknowledging “[tech] is a young person business; tech is taking the business in new directions, so we need to listen to the young and fearless.”

One only needs to go to any employee to see just how great working at A&G is. Nate Goldman, 22, a BU alum living in Brighton, Mass. has already learned so much in his three and a half month stay at A&G, from copywriting to digital strategy. “[Allen & Gerritsen] encourages you to work hard and take a step outside of your comfort zone. I think that kind of philosophy is really conducive to innovative and creative thinking.”

The show will serve not only the competitors, but also allows the agency to show their clients how they can execute content strategy. Leist wants the show to be able to, “show our clients how to create web content.. and we arm the students involved with something to build their personal brand.”

A competition that benefits students, the agency, AND clients? Besides killing three birds with one stone, at the end of the day, everyone will agree that you need to love the work you’re doing. Employees are happy, and Leist says, “I love it at A&G.”

What are some other competitions and ways that companies have been trying to find the best and brightest?

Photos by A&G.

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4 Responses to “You’re Hired! Reality TV show style competition for.. an internship?”

  1. Kevin Wang

    As a former intern at A&G (and someone who helped design this competition) I highly recommend applying to compete for this internship. If you win, by the end of your time at A&G you’ll know so much about tech that you’ll be ahead of the game for YEARS to come.


    PS. That’s me on the left in the last picture with the blue/green flannel shirt. Whoo!

  2. Kim

    As a Bentley alum, I am happy that the school is getting to participate in such a great competition. I think being a part of this competition is a great opportunity for students hoping to eventually work in advertising.


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