Quarterly Co.: Making Mass Subscriptions Unique and Personal

If you’re obsessed with following people on Twitter and love getting things in the mail, Quarterly Co. is the newest hip thing for you.

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According to the Web site, “Quarterly Co. is a subscription service that enables people to receive physical items in the mail from influential contributors of their choice.”

An idea similar to a magazine, you sign up to receive items from different contributors that will send you unique, physical items you normally wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. This is definitely not your typical online shopping experience!

Quarterly Co. is currently in the beta testing which means right now you are only allowed to choose to receive gifts from one contributor (a little cheat: you sign up via email, so if you have several email addresses, you can subscribe to different contributors.) When the site goes fully live, you can choose from as many contributors as you want.

So who are these contributors and why are they chosen?

According to Quarterly Co., contributors are chosen because they are engaging, have good taste and create some kind of unique, original and interesting product. Contributors come from any walk of life and any place in the world and they are continuing to add new contributors all the time.

The kinds of items you will receive from different contributors are items you won’t be able to find anywhere else. For example, one of the current contributors is a brand called No More Dirty Looks. Two women, Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, started this company. They create personal care products that are made from clean and organic ingredients. If you choose to subscribe to their Quarterly items, you will receive different organic beauty products.

The beauty of these items is that each of them contains some kind of unique story or meaning. It isn’t just junk you’ll get in the mail, but exclusive items that you’ll surely treasure.

So how does this really work?

Let me take you step by step through Quarterly Co.’s process:

  1. Choose your contributor to receive the kind of products you will treasure.
  2. Subscribe to the contributor of your choice for $25 per quarter and you’ll be billed and added to their cycle.
  3. Wait for your goodies! Your first package could take up to three months to arrive, but Quarterly Co. promises to send you fun stuff in the mail while you wait.
  4. If you decide to stick with it, you’ll keep getting packages and get billed each quarter. You can cancel or change your subscriptions at any time.

So what happens if you — gasp — hate the item you received? Unfortunately, because these items are specifically ordered for people who subscribe and the items are so unique, they do not accept returns. They do, however, encourage you to re-gift or sell any items you’re unhappy with.

FYI, right now it is only being offered to residents of the United States. Ler us know if you’ve tried Quarterly Co. or if you plan on checking it out!

Take a look at the current list of contributors here or check them out on Twitter.

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