8 (Possibly Mediocre) Holiday Movies We’re Looking Forward To

Thanksgiving is drawing near, which means the holiday pounds are on their way! Time to evaluate the best family films and Oscar contenders of the 2011 season! Whether you wish to catch a movie with your family, friends or significant other, there’s something bland and unoffensive for everyone this year!

8. Arthur Christmas

From Sony Pictures & Aardman Animations, known for claymation classics Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts, comes the story of Arthur, son of Santa Claus. On a mission to save Christmas spirit for a lonely little girl, Arthur sets out to prove the naysayers wrong, and does some self-discovery in the process. What a shocker.

7. Hugo

Martin Scorsese directs this visually stunning tale of an adventurous young boy named Hugo as he discovers a secret world hidden for years by his father. Featuring actors such as Jude Law, Ben Kingsley and Sacha Baron Cohen, the film may not be Oscar bait but it’ll certainly be a delight for the anglophiles in your family.

6. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Similar to the final Harry Potter film, Breaking Dawn will be split into two parts, one released in the winter and the latter in the summer. Hey, Hollywood needs to make ends meet, too. In this chapter, we join Bella and Edward on their wedding day! Afterwards, the newlywed couple retreats to their honeymoon where Bella becomes INSTANLY pregnant with a child that is half-human and half-vampire (what were you expecting?). Everyone’s second-favorite werewolf, Jacob, of course, returns for the newest edition of the Twilight saga! OMG. Fans will be ready to sink their teeth into Breaking Dawn just in time for Thanksgiving! And then puke!

5. The Muppets
Who doesn’t love a good Muppet movie? In this installment, the Muppets team up with Muppet-esque humans Jason Segal and Amy Adams to fight un-huggables and put-downs – in this case, a “greedy oil tycoon” who wants to drill under the Muppets’ old theatre. Short on plot but not on gimmicks, this reboot will likely eschew mid-life crisis melancholia from 56-year-old Kermit the Frog for feel-good slapstick.

4.  Coriolanus
Ralph Fiennes makes his directorial debut with a Shakespearian tragedy penned in the early 17th century about a banished Roman hero who joins together with his enemies to seek his revenge. Fiennes also stars in the film, alongside übermensch Gerard Butler. Not only will the acting be impeccable, the pectorals will be gigantic! As the film will have to distinguish itself from numerous other guns-replacing-swords Shakespearian adaptations and similarly premised Gladiator (2000), one can expect vibrant visuals, at least.

3. My Week with Marilyn

Critic favorite and two-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams portrays the doomed/blond starlet as she develops a brief fling with a production assistant during filming of Olivier’s The Prince and the Showgirl, a real-life tale written by the lucky P.A. himself. Full of tension and tears, the film has plenty of Oscar buzz, already lauding Williams for her careful study of Monroe’s mannerisms. Also starring Emma Watson, Dominic Cooper (An Education) and Judi Dench.

2.  Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Dynamic crime-fighting duo Holmes and Watson join us again for the second installment of Guy Ritchie’s take on Sherlock Holmes. This time, Holmes has met his intellectual match in the mysterious Professor Moriarty. Similar to Lord Blackwood, Moriarty plans to change the course of history as we know it. (Looking back, however, we already know he didn’t. Yay!) The Steam Fu sleuths pursue clues through Germany, France and Switzerland.

1.     A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Over the years, Harold and Kumar have grown apart as friends, but when a mysterious package arrives at Kumar’s door, he knows he must reunite with Harold. Moreover, this journey takes the two through New York City, as they on the search for the perfect Christmas tree! Lots of love, laughs, feeling good, feeling really good, more laughs and way too many treats.

Will you take Grandma to a movie about a sex symbol? Will you put weed butter in the pumpkin pie?

Laura Jackson also contributed to compiling this list. 

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