An Ode to Rhode Island

There is nothing that helps you miss a place more than living somewhere else. Sure, moving to Canada for graduate school has been great, but these roots were planted deeper than expected. I am beginning to miss that weird little beachy state that hatched me.

Here’s why:

It’s Like Cheers: Everyone Knows Your Name

Between town sports, competitive teams, and high school sports, a Rhode Islander knows everyone. Non-Rhode Islanders do not know the feeling of going to a grocery store and someone guessing their last name by the way they look. In Rhode Island it is completely fair game to hate or love someone based solely on the family members of theirs that you know. More often than not, every dentist, pharmacist, tutor, or hairdresser is someone you go way back with. Talk about “old country” accountability.

Providence Is Boston’s Hot Rebellious Younger Sister

Sure, Boston is beautiful. And established. And educated. But only in Providence can you drink $1 Narragansett pints and watch Rhode Island native band Deer Tick play for free during the hot summer nights. We have the AS220, a venue dedicated solely to keeping the underdog artist dream alive and kicking. Do not forget about Water Fire – an eerie summer tradition that blends street art and food with sinister music and floating bonfires along the black rivers of Providence. If you’re hungry we have tons of Johnston & Wales chefs-in-training serving up gourmet meals at a fraction of the big city price. Maybe that is why Providence was named one of Yahoo’s Top 10 Underrated Cities.

Rhode Islanders Are Funny And Angry

To the untrained eye, New Englanders seem…brusque. Rhode Islanders, on the other hand, may come off as psychotic. Whether we are pulling a “Rhode Island left” (an incredibly useful driving skill where one blocks oncoming traffic with one’s own vehicle in order to make an ill-timed left turn), or drinking iced coffee year-round there is no doubt about it, Rhode Islanders are “different.” And that’s okay with us. We might always be complaining but people that push through the tough exterior will find that we are generally harmless and really just want to be around our families. Oh, and watch high school hockey.

Rhode Island Is A Haven For The Weird

Most people know that Family Guy setting “Quahog” is a fictional Rhode Island town. However, some might not be aware that Seth McFarlane hails from the tiny ocean state. There is no arguing that this guy is weird.

Other lovable oddballs from RI include: Mena Suvari, Rocco Baldelli (great name), Pauly D (of Jersey Shore fame), Debra Messing, Shanna Moakler (total crazy), Meredith Vieira, and who can forget the Farrelly brothers?

The final word is that Rhode Island might be worth checking out. Only an hour outside of Boston, less beach traffic than the Cape (and warmer water), cheap rent, and a huge artist community. I figure if I can’t be there to enjoy it right now, might as well live vicariously through others.

What do you think about Rhode Island? 

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  1. Lindsay

    I’m Rhody raised (what up, Aquidneck Island?) and LOVED it! Thanks for the state-lovin’ shout out!


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