How to Emulate Your Favorite Style Icons

There are fashion icons who experience fifteen minutes of style fame, and then there are these women. Hepburn, Kennedy, Monroe – for a lot of us, these names conjure up images of fashion before films or presidential campaigns. They each created their own unique personal style and weren’t afraid to go against the grain. The trick to emulate any screen star’s style is to keep that old ‘everything in moderation’ adage in mind. Figure out what pieces they were really known for, and then work those into your existing wardrobe.

Audrey Hepburn

A timeless fashion icon, best known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn has earned a top slot in the style icon rankings. By far one of the most elegant and sophisticated stars to grace the silver screen, Audrey was the epitome of chic. But even with the simplicity of her go-to pieces, when you perfectly copy-cat the Hepburn style – it can still come across looking like a costume. Pick one or two of the below Audrey closet staples and mix them in with your usual everyday look!

Do you usually live in your boots all winter long? Slip into a classic pair of black ballet flats instead. Do you swear by your pencil skirts for work every day? Pair your top with a tailored pair of black cropped skinny chinos. When you’re lounging on the weekends, watching football with the guys, forgo your worn-in sweatshirt for a long-sleeve striped tee (it’s equally as comfortable!).

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Equally as stylish as Hepburn, but in her own unique way, is the late first lady Jackie O. Best known for her all-American style (and over-sized sunglasses), Mrs. Kennedy is an icon for classic blue-blood New England style. From luxe cardigans to tailored shirt dresses to structured oxfords, Jackie’s style always looked put together and classy. While there’s no debating her impeccable style, it is quite a stretch to imagine wearing a head-to-toe Jackie O. approved look to your 8 a.m. class tomorrow morning (way too much effort there).

Here’s where that whole moderation theme comes into play. Add a cardigan to your usually leggings-and-boots look, or switch out your aviator sunglasses for an over sized pair. These little switches, and a simple strand of pearls, will infuse just the right amount of the first lady’s style into your everyday look.

Janis Joplin

Simple, classic style not exactly your cup of tea? Ultra-hippie Janis Joplin is a fashion icon for completely opposite reasons. She piled on jewelry, mixed and matched sequins and bright colors, and totally started the feather trend long before Hilary Duff had them in her hair. If you’re more of a free spirit than a buttoned-up first lady, Joplin is the fashion inspiration for you.

Line your wrists with bracelets and bangles, adorn your fingers with colorful over sized rings, and try out a pair of feathered earrings this weekend (Forever 21 is great for stocking up on trendy, affordable jewelry!). Inject some tie-dye accents into your favorite outfits as well with tie-dyed scarf in a muted color, or a pair of ballet flats. A few small additions like these and you’ll be well on your way to channeling your inner rock star.

Marilyn Monroe

Last, but certainly not least, what would a style icon round-up be without a Marilyn Monroe mention? She was one of the original celebrity sex symbols, and every guy’s dream. Marilyn’s style was the epitome of curve-hugging sundresses, red lipstick and pin perfect curls (and of course that famous white dress).

Fashion aside, a perfectly made-up face and curls are a surefire way to exude Marilyn’s bombshell nature. Negating that famous white dress, there aren’t many outfits that will scream ‘Marilyn Monroe’. Unlike the aforementioned style icons, a majority of Monroe’s fashion status came from her confidence and sex appeal, rather than her designer duds. Diamond earrings, high heels and pastel-colored dresses are all Monroe-musts.

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