7 Books for Your Winter Break

It’s the holiday season and you finally have some time off, you’re over stuffed with food-coma, and you’re sick of listening to your Uncle Ned argue with your whole family; making this the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading. Here is a list of books that are quick and easy to read during your winter break.

the cheese monkeysThe Cheese Monkeys, by Chip Kidd – It’s “a novel in two semesters” of an art student finding himself. Perfect for any college student, even though it explores a student discovering the beginnings of Graphic Design, it can apply to any student. It’s funny, inspirational, and settling – knowing it’s ok to not know what you want to study. Kidd’s writing has been compared to J.D. Salinger’s, so hipsters will love this book.

bossypantsBossypants, by Tina Fey – This book is hilarious and allows an insight into the world of comedy. Surprisingly, Fey writes with an undertone of feminism, which of course I love, but it’s relieving to hear a woman sound crude, especially during an exhausting break with the family. Also, for some great reason, the print is larger than average, making this a quick read.


the hunger gamesThe Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins – The trilogy takes a modern spin on the theme of George Orwell’s 1984 (which is a classic). The suspenseful adventure of children killing one another on reality TV can make anyone thankful we don’t live in a society like that. Collins puts one dramatic scene right after the other, forbidding any moment of boredom. Besides being obsessed with these books, the movie is coming out in March next year, so read up now and be in the loop.

is everyone hanging out without meIs Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), by Mindy Kaling – If you love the American version of The Office, you will love this book. Kaling, better known as “Kelly Kapoor” from the hit TV show, has actually written many episodes and is now an Executive Producer on the show. You’ll breeze through this quick, hilarious read, so you might want to make sure The Office is still available on Netflix for when you finish.

my horizontal lifeMy Horizontal Life (or any of Chelsea Handler’s books) – In case you drink too much at your dinner table, don’t go to crazy like Handler and wake up next to an embarrassing story. Handler’s life stories are hilarious, quick to read, and can make any slut seem virginal (something to always be thankful for); however, all of her books are exactly the same, so choose one to read and don’t continue.


twilight bookTwilight, by Stephanie Meyer – If all else fails and you feel like sinking your teeth into something worse than Grandma’s cooking, Twilight is a quick read away. Just be thankful that your boyfriend doesn’t like to stalk you, sneak into your bedroom, and glitters more than your Lisa Frank folder.


strengths finder 2.0Strengths Finder 2.0, by Tom Rath – Most self-help books allow you to find your weaknesses and improve on them, but Rath said, “Screw the weaknesses, this is what makes you awesome. Now lets take what makes you awesome and make it even better.” Rath didn’t actually say that, but this is the premise of the book. It also has a code in the book for you to visit a link online to find exactly what your strengths are. This book is great for a confidence boost during any holiday; it’s also been a consistent Best Seller.

What are you reading? Add your suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Kelly

    I LOVE the Hunger Games and My Horizontal Life! I am waiting to get “Is everyone hanging out without me” from the library!

  2. Kayla

    I read an excerpt of the Mindy Kahling book in Cosmo and I have never been so close to death from laughing. Can’t wait to read the whole thing. This whole list is great! (Glitters more than your Lisa Frank folder – HA!)


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