If you like [this band], you’ll probably like [that band]

Does your iTunes library make you want to stab yourself in the face with a soup spoon just to hear something different (i.e. your own grunts of pain)? Well climb out of your musical rut, put down the soup-scooping device and read on for awesome up and coming bands for every musical taste–no self-harm involved.

If you like Cage the Elephant, try Sleeper Agent: This new thrash-rock indie band from Bowling Green Kentucky has the raw edge of Cage the Elephant mixed with the vocal-stylings of, wait for it, an 18-year-old girl. Lead singer Alex Kandel skipped her senior year of high school to go on tour with the rest of the band (comprised on 20-something dudes) and it paid off because their self-titled debut album is Cage meet The Cure meets David Bowie at a monster truck rally. Key tracks: “Get it Daddy,” “Force a Smile.”

If you like Mumford & Sons, try Jeremy Fisher: Jeremy Fisher is a blusey folk artist straight out of Montreal, Quebec (by way of Hamilton Ontario). He’s been around the Canadian musical landscape for a while and even went on tour with Lights but hasn’t really broken into the American music scene. But with the growing popularity of acts like Mumford and the Avett Brothers, I’m willing to bet he’ll have a few big hits in 2012. Key tracks: “High School,” “American Girls,” “Lemon Meringue Pie.”

If you like Oasis, try Beady Eye: Beady Eye is essentially Oasis minus Noel Gallagher. Sounds exactly the same, so this band is for you, drunk frat boy who needs a good cry. Oasis is basically back. Key tracks: “Two of a Kind,” “Four Letter Word.”

If you like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, try Brother/Sister: Theo and Sasha Speilberg (yes, they’re Steven’s children) are brother and sister and they’re in a band. You’d never know they’re siblings through adoption by listening to their incredibly cohesive guitar-heavy sound. Though it’s hard to find a recording other than “Opposum” it’s possible that they’re not that great but Sasha’s voice sounds like Zoey Deschanel mixed with Melissa Ethridge so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Key track (so far): “Oppossum.”

If you like The Strokes, try the Dodos: The Dodos are a rock band from San Francisco that like playing with ambient sound and the lead singer is a slightly less talented version of Julian Casablancas. The Dodos sound like if you took a Strokes album and looped in that annoying Owl City song…which sounds awkward but it’s actually really, really cool. Key tracks: “Companions,” “Don’t Stop.”

If you like Kings of Leon, try A Thousand Horses: These dudes are South Carolina’s version of booze-fueled country rock a la The Kings of Leon. They opened for The Pretty Reckless on their last tour and these dudes know how to put on a good show (unlike those they’re being compared to). They’ve got the shaggy, long hair, the twang to their voices and the epic guitar riffs but they also have the talent, which makes it OK that they have a song called “A Thousand Horses” on a self-titled album called A Thousand Horses. Key tracks: “Suicide Eyes,” “A Thousand Horses.”

What other bands should we be checking out?

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