Nice Apps! Top 5 to Cure the Holiday Hangover

As the holiday season reaches its peak this week, its harsh end inevitably lurks around the corner.

We’ll collectively begin trading sugar cookies for strawberries, champagne for the commonplace vodka soda, holiday cards for office memos (it’s true: Fridays are no longer casual, gang), and if we haven’t done so already, a gym membership in place of a consistent stream of movies On Demand.

The end of the holiday season brings hangover joys in the form of alcohol (in)tolerance, inexcusable gluttony, gift returns, bleak financial realizations, 2012 strategy and planning meetings, overcoming year-end analytics and – gasp – preparing to live up to New Year’s resolution expectations.

While the end of the holiday seasons does in fact mean the end of celebrations, it’s important to remember that it marks the beginning of a new year; a new and blank slate awaits our creative output, endless ideas and inexplicable faith and encouragement that we will in fact make a difference this year.

Nevertheless, when the fun predictably ends, take a gander at the following apps to get you through the somberness that is the month-of-blues-January.

Hangover Cures – 40 Home remedies (iPhone and Android)
Alright, seriously – who decided New Year’s Day could be a Sunday?! As if Monday mornings weren’t already a pain in the neck, 2012 brings us the misfortune of a terribly inconvenient and misplaced Monday. Even though it’s [practically] universally decided that New Year’s Day is the National Nurse Yourself Back to Functional Human Life Day, we 20-somethings have come across the harsh realization that bouncing back from hangover isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. We’ll be needing Monday, too. This app will do all in its power to make us the top of our game come Jan. 2. You can also try BrainWave Hangover Relief, about which we reported earlier this year.

My Life Organized (iPhone and Android)
Between gift budgets, meetings, house decorating, late night projects and fitting in that morning yoga, you’ve been struggling to merely keep your head above water.  If you were lucky enough to have a nice – albeit terribly brief, regardless of its length – holiday break, Monday, Jan. 2 will come far too soon.  This app will take the “heavy” out of heavy-lifting for you, making that transition back to the daily grind a touch smoother.

Big Change (iPhone)
This year is different. Well, they all are; however, this year, you’ll have to answer to your little piece of technology that follows you from the bedroom the bathroom, the office to the gym.  This handy little app will keep you in line and on track. Too many years have passed with New Year’s resolutions flying past without significant achievement. This year, this app will track your progress on goals from exercise to smoking. (iPhone and Android)
Start off the New Year with your finances at a healthy balance. Whether it’s your expensive college education, those boots you couldn’t help purchasing or Santa’s elves that simply won’t get out of your wallet, it’s time to take the New Year in stride and in the green.  While red is certainly a holiday color, don’t let it bleed all over your budget! This app will get you back on track.  What’s even better is that’s blog lists a healthy handful of top-rated finance-related apps, too.

Ease into 5k (iPhone and Android)
Set some fitness goals for yourself! Even though we’ve been “training” for a half marathon since sophomore year of college, perhaps this is the year that you can make a dent.  Though a 5k is no easy feat, this first race will give you the literal leg-up on reaching your lofty fitness goals.  There are a plethora of fitness apps, but this one is principally geared toward reaching a particular goal, not just an overall fitness requirement, weight or dress size. Fire up, kids, and get your running shoes laced! 2012 is the year to knock your goals out of the park!

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