Why Fab.com Is So Fabulous

I am obsessed with Fab.com. I have ordered quite a number of things, ranging from a SIGG water bottle to storage containers to a recycled twine rug for my kitchen.

Fab.com is another flash sale site, but instead of deals on dinner, yoga classes or high-end fashion, Fab.com caters to a very specific audience: the design lover. Whether it was designed and made by a couple in Seattle or designed by one of the most well-known industrial designers, Fab offers it to the users at a massive discount. So why do we need another flash sale site? What is so special about Fab.com? Well, to be frank, quite a lot.

Although Fab.com is now one of the most successful flash sale sites, it did not start out that way. Users might be surprised to learn that Fab.com is the latest iteration of co-founders Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhammer’s tech start-up, which started out in life as Fabulis, a gay social networking site. After the site reached its peak, the duo saw the opportunity to take their business in a different direction and, obviously, it was the right decision. Fab.com has been a flash sale phenomenon; in its first four months in business, Fab reached 750,000 users and $100,000 a day in sales. With numbers like that in a competitive sector of the retail business, they are clearly doing something right. Their success is owed to not only their selection of items for sale, but also how they go about gathering new users.

Fab.com built social into the framework of the site, harnessing the power of users’ social networks to gather new users while also rewarding current users for bringing in their friends. After encouraging users to invite their friend, whether after a purchase or just on a whim, current users earn a $25 credit when their invited friend makes their first purchase.

Co-founder Jason Goldberg says, “Social is built into the core experience, and if you take that and couple it with design people who love sharing their latest design finds and showing off and seeing, it’s a natural fit.” Fab.com knows their users inside and out and capitalizes on their behaviors and friendships.

Everyday at 11 a.m., I eagerly await the email from Fab.com to hit my inbox, telling me of the delightfully designed objects up for sale today. I will most likely do all of my holiday shopping on Fab.com, adding to the already long list of items I have purchased from them. Fab.com offers the unique, quirky items that myself and hundreds of thousands of others love; if you couple that with an easy-to-use, friendly shopping experience and mastery of users’ social networks, it is clear that Fab.com will continue its exponential growth.

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