From Our Partners In Crime: Starbucks Now Serves Booze, Being Friends With a Stripper, and Bases On the Moon

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StarbucksTNGG Loves: 10 Things to Do Once Starbucks Gets Alcohol 

That’s right, Starbucks will be serving beer and wine in select locations in Southern California. What could go wrong?

“Order a tall coffee, wine, and a cup of Frappucino syrup and try making your own 4 Loko!” Case in point. [Hello Giggles]

TNGG Loves: 5 Strangest Claims Made in the 2012 GOP Race

Posthumous baptisms? Military bases on the moon? You heard us, Newt Gingrich has promised to occupy the moon by his second term. Now you know who we’re voting for because that’s awesome. [PolicyMic]

TNGG Loves: Dude Where’s My Job?

Congratulations on completing your post-secondary education that was supposed to make you super-employable. Now forget your government-issued GenY sense of entitlement and realize that you are at the absolute bottom of the food chain. Here’s how to start. [YouTern]

StrippersTNGG Loves: The Benefits of Being Friends With a Stripper

Well, first of all, you wouldn’t have to ever worry about splitting a $10 or a $20 again. But wait, nothing grosses her out and you’ll never have to talk about work? Where do we sign up? [Good Men Project]

TNGG Loves: 5 Things You Never Knew About Vanilla Ice

Just when you thought Vanilla Ice couldn’t steal a bigger share of your heart. For instance, did you know he made an indie rock acoustic version of “Ice Ice Baby”? [College Candy]

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