From Our Partners in Crime: The Ten Minute Date, How to Land an Election Job, and 21 Cities to Drink In

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TNGG Loves: The Ten Minute Dating Rule

Why stay for desert if you already know there’s no chemistry by the time you get the appetizer? This author suggests that it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to answer the only question that really matters: do I want to see her again or not? [The Good Men Project]

TNGG Loves: Insider Tips for Landing a Political Job in an Election Year

Looking for a job? With the election year in full swing there’s plenty of opportunities to land a political job but it can take a special know-how to snag one. [Brazen Careerist]

TNGG Loves: My Mom is My BFF and That’s Weird 

Gilmore Girls

Her mom is so cool that she doesn’t even need to untag herself from all those photos on Facebook. But really, when’s the last time you had a play-date with your parents? [Hello Giggles]

TNGG Loves: All Work and No Play Makes Jack an Unbalanced, Burned Out, Workaholic

You worked your ass off in college and landed a sweet first job…and now you’re boring. Over the last four years, happiness with work has decreased. Have we lost our sense of play in the workplace? [YouTern]

TNGG Loves: 21 Cities to Visit After You Turn 21

Turning 21 seems like it literally turns the world into a different place. All the more reason to travel the world and diversify your knowledge of different cultures (and their booze).  [YouTern]

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Photo courtesy of Gilmore News.

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