Nice Apps! Top 5 To Score a Hook Up

While technology is pretty sweet and millennials are certainly obsessed, we’re not crazy; we still think that meeting people organically and in person is preferred. However, we know all too well that between crazy hours at work, fitting in that spinning class, finding time for friends and of course shopping/video games, there leaves little time to focus on the hunt.

Furthermore, we’re not entirely reliant on technology; instead, we know the perfect balance of technology to interpersonal experiences to help supplement our lives in a true and meaningful way.

Need a date? These apps will make your quest through singledom that much easier.

We singletons are – at times – a little desperate. While that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to take advantage of the old college try at the bar, or perhaps connect with a friend of friend of a colleague, we’re not opposed to online dating. This app takes that concept to a new level; you can search for others in your area also looking for someone in real-time. That’s right. That dude in the corner of the bar swiping away at his phone could in fact be messaging you right now. Creepy?  Perhaps. But, as long as you’re safe in your endeavors, it couldn’t hurt.

Date Smart (iPhone)
We’re all trying to impress people, especially on a date…a FIRST date at that! This app will help you tap into your romantic and [falsely] creative side, as it provides you with a database of date ideas. Search categories including type of date (e.g. first date, Valentine’s, birthday), target budget and venue (e.g. outdoors, cultural, dining) allow you to create the ultimate dating experience. Surprise that special someone with a romantic first date at the park before you scurry off to the museum. Or something unique and thoughtful like that.

Around Me (iPhone and Android)
Even though we’re tech savvy, multi-tasking, ADD-riddled kids, sometimes we forget to take a look around and actually see what’s there. Whether you’re trying to find the best bar, coffee shop or book store, either in your neighborhood or someone foreign, this app will list your options in order of relevance and distance.  Great tool to select the perfect and nearest venue for a date on the fly.

WinetoMatch (iPhone and Android)
If you’re looking for some extra swag on your date, this app will help you be the classy, sophisticated, flirty and fun girl/dude that you really are. And if you’re not, it’ll at least challenge your date’s perception of you. Once said date decides on a dish, whip this app out while he/she isn’t looking and nonchalantly offer the perfect vino pairing. And ta-da. You’ve thus raised the bar.

Fake Calls (iPhone and Android)
Even though we all hope our hot date turns out to be just so, there are those times when a good old bail out is necessary.  Whether you’re not feeling the spark, or shit is just getting awkward, this app will simulate a fake phone call. Even better news is that you can choose when your phone rings and the person that shows up on the Caller ID. Thank goodness for an escape route.
Now go! Put yourself out there!

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