Smarterer Changes the Job Hunt

A while back I wrote an article about a great Boston-based platform called Smarterer (read full article here), a site that tests users on every skill or software set you can think of – from Harry Potter trivia to Javascript. Recently they have upped their game and added a new feature called Skillset, which brings testing your skills to a whole new and scary level (have they been reading my articles?).

Basically, Skillset creates a quantitative way to bring on the most talented staff possible by letting the employers mix and match the kinds of skills they are looking for in their next employee. The platform then creates a custom test that incorporates all of these skills. As I warned previously, the days may be ending when you can say you “know Photoshop.” Pretty soon the hiring manager might just say, “Prove it (betch).”

As an employee or potential employee, this might seem a bit terrifying – I mean there is such a thing as being a bad test taker! But, no worries, it would be inefficient to bring on board new staff based on these tests alone. If you know Photoshop at all, for example, it will come through in these quizzes and I highly doubt anyone would expect you to get a perfect score. Also, keep in mind the “perfect” employee has a lot to do with attitude and coachability – not just test scores. Many extremely successful people bombed the SAT’s, so don’t let this feature seem like high school all over again.

On the other hand, a high test score might also be an added bonus. Say you’re super shy, or just get a little nervy during an initial interview (but you are seriously qualified) – Skillset might get you that second interview. It is also a confidence booster, many people graduate school feeling, “hold on a second, what did I just learn?” The truth is you know more than you think and if a great score from Smarterer’s Skillset gives you the confidence to ask for the job/salary that you want/deserve – then more power to you!

In the meantime, spend some time on the normal Smarterer site. By getting to know the process of taking these tests you will be better prepared in case on is ever thrown at you. It is also a way of building collateral – say you bomb a Skillset test but have maintained the top score on the Twitter leaderboard  – you can always show employers this data.

BF and fellow TNGG writer Phil Crean modeling le shades.

On a personal note, as an early adopter of Smarterer, the company has been pretty awesome. I received a personal letter and set of sunglasses around the holidays from the company as thanks for giving their platform a thorough try. Let me make this clear: I do not work for Smarterer, I am not paid to promote them, and all I did was take a bunch of quizzes on Harry Potter (you caught me), Twitter, and Photoshop that helped better prepare me for my next interview (except maybe the first one). I still got a free pair of sunglasses. This is obviously a company that goes the extra mile and exhibits the social media practices that they stress in their tests.

So my happy graduates or post-grad’s, if you are suffering from the job market worries or are in-between jobs, freshen up on your skills and make sure the resume fits the persona. Hey, it’s better than watching all of the seasons of Charmed on Netflix (guilty again), right?

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