Best Generation Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Millennials: You know who you are. You’re sometimes toted as the coffee (or chai latte) downing, super-smartphone slinging, “dang you unemployment!” multi-cultural mega generation.. but truth be told, that’s only a small portion of Gen Y-ers.

What’s more important than what we’re doing as consumers, students, or young professionals is our activism in one way or another. We’re lucky enough to have the most channels of communication open to us since.. well, ever.

It’s the connections we’ve made online have made us feel as though we have a bigger stake in the future of our world: and boy are we making things happen. Thanks to the PEW Research Center study on our generation (“Confident. Connected. Open to Change.”) and folks at the Online Graduate Program, we have actual research (and an infographic) to show the badassery our generation is associated with. Enjoy and soldier on, Gen Y.

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2 Responses to “Best Generation Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. Christine Peterson

    I was really sad about the stat saying we’re less green than Gen X’ers, but then I realized that buying green and organic is usually significantly more expensive. Once we grow up and get larger salaries, we’ll probably opt to buy green and organic more often.

  2. Woody

    College seemed like a good investment when it was easy to get those student loans deferrals because of being unemployed. Now that i am actively having to pay them back after years of interest build up I am not so sure. I agree with Christine on the green and organic issue. Why is being could so expensive.


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