From Our Partners In Crime: Epic Love Stories, Twitter in China, and Googling Your Date

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Lady BooksTNGG Loves: Books Every Lady Should Have In Their Library

Screw Jane Austen, screw Little Women, and screw Valentine’s Day! From heroines that don’t mess around to cult classics and sexy witches, here are some titles that make an epic love story. [Hello Giggles]

TNGG Loves: Your Boss Wants To Be Facebook Friends. Now What?!  

You friend your family, acquaintances and even high school rivals but should you friend your boss on Facebook? Does this mean a last-minute scramble to un-tag yourself from drunk photos or crawl through the ominous “Timeline”? Here’s how to proceed. [YouTern]

WeiboTNGG Loves: A Tour of the Social Media Market in China

Facebook and Twitter have been blocked in China since July 2009, after a riot in the Xinjiang province, to prevent coordination among protesters. Did you know that China has its own clones of Twitter and Facebook? Here’s a tour of China’s current social media landscape. [PolicyMic]

TNGG Loves: How to Become a Freelance Hard-Ass and Get Paid What You’re Worth

There are many liberties that come with freelancing full-time: being your own boss, working from bed, naming your own hours, and firing your own clients. However, being a freelancer ain’t easy.  Here’s how to make sure you’re getting what you’re worth. [Brazen Careerist]

TNGG Loves: Googling Peter

It just goes to show that you should always Google that new love in your life. Who knows, they might just end up being a cult-famous porn star. [Good Men Project]

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