From Our Partners In Crime: Pinterest, Fake Orgasms, Summer Internships, and Chris Brown

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TNGG Loves: An Open Letter To Pinterest

If you haven’t gotten on the Pinterest bandwagon yet it’s a pretty cool place for future cat ladies – err, social networking site. Love it or hate it, it’s on the rise and it’s here to stay. To the girliest social networking site around, here’s an open letter from our friends. [Hello Giggles]

Good Men ProjectTNGG Loves: Why Do Women “Fake” It?

Why do women fake orgasms? Why don’t they just give better instructions?  What’s a sure fire way to know they’re faking? The boys at Good Men Project spell it out for every man alive who’s been wondering. [Good Men Project]

TNGG Loves: What are Your “Great Expectations” for a Summer Internship?

Are you currently on the hunt for a summer internship? Sacrificing some summer for some work can definitely be rewarding. At the same time giving up time in the sun to brew coffee and answer phones is a complete buzz kill. Make sure that this doesn’t happen by identifying your goals and asking to right questions to make sure your summer doesn’t suck. [YouTern]

TNGG Loves: Rihanna “Birthday Cake” Remix Featuring Chris Brown Challenges Our View of Domestic Violence

Three years after their horrific domestic violence incident, the public hasn’t seemed to particularly let up and nor should they. The Grammy’s received criticism for allowing Chris Brown to perform, and Rihanna got flack for having a Chris Brown look alike in her “We Found Love” video. This remix is either a complete disregard of public criticism or an active rejection of it. [PolicyMic]

Image Courtesy of College Candy

TNGG Loves: Seven Unusual Ways To Drink Alcohol [Pics] 

A sandel flask just sounds like a desperate attempt for high school seniors to get slightly buzzed at prom. At the same time watermelon vodka sounds (and looks) amazing. [College Candy]

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Photos courtesy of george.schon/Good Men Project (top) and College Candy (bottom). 

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