The Grammys and Why The Next Generation Should Get Off Twitter

The Grammy Awards were full of dazzling performances, but the night wasn’t (and never is) without some controversy.

Anyone could have expected the reaction to Bon Iver’s Best New Artist win would be similar to Arcade Fire’s Best Album win last year (please refer to the Tumblr dedicated to the mass confusion). The tweets rolled in, questioning who Bon Iver (or as some referred to him as “Bonnie Bear”) was and why more well-known artists didn’t win.  Ironically, Bon Iver is nowhere near the status of a “new artist,” (2007, people… 2007) which was as much laughable as it was sad.

But even more offensive than erasing half-a-decade of Bon Iver’s work is the up-coming generation’s ignorance of Sir Paul McCartney. Yes, you read correctly. Tweets flooded the twitter-verse during/after the Grammy Awards questioning who Paul McCartney was.

WHAT. THE. FUCK…I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

These tweets compiled by The Daily What show how idiotic young people really are.

Courtesy of The Daily What

Seriously? But just for clarification, the man is a living musical god. Oh, and HE’S A BEATLE! Check out the guy singing and playing the piano if you really need more direction:

The most egregious offense of the night, however, had less to do with music than the rest of the Grammy debacles. Social media updates from women, yes women, across the Internet jumped to defend Chris Brown (who has been charged with assault against then-girlfriend Rhianna).

Another compilation of tweets by BuzzFeed show the disturbing defenses, some saying things like, “@_anniegregg: Everyone shut up about Chris brown being a woman beater… Shiiiittt he can beat me up all night if he wants” and “@steph_freddd32: I don’t know why Rhianna complained. Chris Brown could beat me anytime he wanted to.”

I seriously think this puts society back 50 years of progress. It’s hard to put into words how horrible it is to see things like that. But let’s just say I felt nauseated.

THIS is what’s wrong with this and upcoming generations. THIS screams that we and those younger than we are aren’t ready to be trusted to take the reins of this ailing country and attempt to make it better. THIS is just wrong.

And what was Chris Brown’s response to all this? He took to Twitter as well and made himself very clear.

Screenshot courtesy of The Huffington Post

So what did the 54th Grammy Awards teach me? It taught me that we, American society, need to clean up our act, pronto. We shouldn’t have to live in a society supportive of physical abuse and domestic violence. We shouldn’t have to live in a society where we honor those who are abusive with renowned awards. This year’s Grammy Awards taught me we have a long way to go. Let’s get to it.

Also, if you are knowledgeable enough to tweet, you should know who the fuck Paul McCartney is.

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