Apple Continues to Kick Ass: The New OS X Mountain Lion

After a few rumor-filled weeks, Apple finally announced its March 7 iPad event. As all tech enthusiasts get ready to be enamored by Apple’s newest edition of the iPad, one must wonder, what makes this entity so special? Apple is a company that a lot of people admire, not just because of the beautiful products they design, but also because of how they do business.

Peter Drucker, the guru of business consulting had once said, “the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two, and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation.” A company like Apple is an epitome of this profound thought. We see Apple both innovate and market their products very effectively. Partial image of their upcoming product and very simple copy are some of the “vintage” signs of an Apple invite to an adventure.

But brilliant marketing is nothing without innovation. One of the biggest reasons Apple customers are usually happier is because the company has something new to offer on a regular basis. Their constant pursuit to better their product and do it in such a short span of time is nothing short of remarkable.

A few weeks ago, Apple unveiled their newest installment in the Mac OS X family: Mountain Lion, which will be available to customers this summer. This announcement comes only seven months after Mac OSX Lion was released.

Some of the key features in this new OS include:

Messages: If you are like a lot of people out there and own a few Apple products like a Macbook, iPhone, iPad, etc., then the Messages app could be very useful. Going a step further from the iMessage app on iOS devices, Messages integrates iMessages and your iChat contacts into one application. So you can start a conversation on your Macbook and continue it over to your iPhone.

Notification Center: With OS X Lion, Apple brought a lot of the iOS features to the Mac ecosystem. Notification Center is a byproduct of that very concoction. Just like the iOS Notification Center, the one on the Mac rests on the top right corner of the screen and provides instant notifications of all your different apps.

Reminders & Notes: Mountain Lion further bridges the gap between Mac and the iOS devices by getting Reminders and Notes to the Mac. This feature allows you to set reminders, create lists or create notes on one of your devices – automatically syncing it with the other device.

Sharing Made Easy: Mountain Lion brings Twitter integration and other sharing options to Safari, iPhoto and even Photobooth. Now you can share directly from these applications, tweet links, share photos, etc.

iCloud: iCloud is one of the most important and growing features of the Apple ecosystem. With so many apps mentioned above, iCloud is the syncing agent that makes the unified experience a reality.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Mountain Lion has to bring to the table. And with a company like Apple that continuously strives to make their products better, we can expect even more to come from the OS offspring of the Mountain Lion.

Will you be downloading the newest Apple operating system this summer? What features are you looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments below!

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