Nice Apps! Top 5 for “Spring Cleaning” Your Digital Image

Spring CleaningBeside the fact that we had an amazingly mild winter season, spring 2012 came a few weeks early this year. In fact, its well-received early arrival marks the earliest since the late 19th century.  Point is, we’ve earned a head start on spring cleaning.

Lucky for us, too, because Facebook’s recently launched Timeline has created plenty of ”cleaning”-related work for us.

In addition to the conventional spring cleaning list – dusting off the summer seersucker and Sperry’s, cleaning beneath the stove and washing the windows – perhaps it’s also time to think about scrubbing clean your digital image. These apps will make sure your social image is as squeaky clean as your recently scrubbed kitchen sink.

NIMBY “No Intoxicated Messaging by You” (iPhone and Android)
First thing’s first. Perhaps you should actually consider what you’re posting before you have to go in for the major re-con work.  Are you known to be a “digitally chatty” drinker?  If so, please prevent drunken embarrassment.  This app has you complete a series of short tests such as word searches and mazes, prior to posting your tweet, Facebook post, G+ update (holding my tongue on this one), etc.

Last Night Never Happened

Last Night Never Happened (iPhone) 
If you failed to download and use NIMBY, it’s okay; there is still hope.  You can still save your social life the following morning. This app will allow you to delete posts, status updates, comments, and more – all at once. Thankfully.

Tweeticide (iPhone) Exfoliate (Android)
In a nutshell, this app allows you to remove old content from Facebook in chunks. It doesn’t do anything that you wouldn’t be able to do by hand, but it takes FAR less time. You can remove any post, comment, like, or photo – made by you or by others – during a particular time period you so choose.  Pretty cool benefit is that neither Exfoliate nor any third-party has access to your data. Heads up: depending on how much content you delete, this can take HOURS to complete. But, keep in mind that you can stop the process and pick it back up later, without having to start all over again.

Though Facebook’s introduction of Timeline has college kids, young professionals – and heck, all users in general – flustered, let’s not forget that Twitter has the potential of doing some social image damage, too. News flash: the Library of Congress archives all undeleted tweets that are 24 weeks or older. Forever. Not to fear! This app will let you delete all of your tweets at once. But, this is a little bit drastic; please note you can use other resources such as TweetEraser to delete selected tweets, though you can’t do that from the comfort of your phone.

Texts from Last Night (iPhone and Android)
The last piece of advice we have for you chatty drinkers is to have a little bit of humor. Sure, it’s incredibly embarrassing to discover the trouble you’ve created for yourself – drinking or not, recently or back in the good ol’ college days – but at the end of the day, sometimes the only fix is a good hearty, albeit head-sinking, laugh. Hopefully your friends didn’t blow you up on TFLN, but grab this free app, just in case. Even if you realize you haven’t been featured, it’s a good opp. to see those who are far worse off than you. Especially when the site’s tagline is: Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night? We do. Oh, cool.

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