Palestinian Youth Activist Released from Israeli Prison

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Palestinian nonviolent youth activist and PolicyMic pundit Fadi Quran was released from an Israeli prison after posting bail Tuesday.

Fadi’s release brings a culmination to a dramatic international advocacy campaign which began last Friday, when he was arrested and imprisoned by Israeli authorities. In just a week, Fadi’s story spread like wildfire in the media, on Facebook and Twitter, and via PolicyMic and A Free Fadi Quran Facebook page has garnered 1,340 Likes, and many supporters changed their profile pictures to stand in solidarity with Quran.

Over at, Stanford student Lila Kalaf spearheaded a campaign to petition for his release which generated 2,392 signatures, including activist Noam Chomsky, Stanford Middle East professors Joel Beinin and Khalil Barhoum, and Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research Institute Clayborne Carson.

Stanford students created a website to channel resources and launched a #FreeFadicampaign on Twitter.

Fadi’s story was picked up by The AtlanticDemocracy Now!Mondoweiss, and the Stanford Daily.

His release is a testament to the power of people power in action, a powerful sign of the influence international advocacy and social media on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Fadi was violently assaulted and arrested in Palestine on Friday. Fadi, a Stanford ’10 graduate from the West Bank, was arrested in Hebron for allegedly pushing an Israeli soldier according to activists in Palestine. A video of the altercation (watch the full video here) shows Fadi visibly upset and gesticulating to Israeli soldiers, but never pushing an Israeli officer.

Fadi was an organizer of the 2010 non-violent freedom rides through the Occupied territories, which were modeled after the 1960s American freedom rides against segregation.

Read an homage to Fadi, by his friend Aboud Hamayel 

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