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TNGG Loves: Rick Santorum Claims California Universities Don’t Teach American History

Rick Santorum again with his zany ideas! In Santorum’s latest anti-college argument, he claims that American History has apparently been forsaken by those crazy hippy liberals in California. The only problem with his argument is that he completely made it up. [PolicyMic]

InstagramTNGG Loves: Facebook Bought Instagram…Now They Should Buy These Companies

Apparently Facebook eats smaller social media sites for breakfast. First Gowalla and now Instagram! If Zuckerberg is throwing around $1 billion like there’s no tomorrow who know’s who’s next. Or maybe they’ll just buy Myspace for $6.99. [College Candy

TNGG Loves: Advice from a Recent Grad: Avoid My Job Search Mistakes

The game has changed so don't necessarily rely upon your parent's wisdom on your post-graduate life. Gen Ys are slowly realizing the a college diploma doesn't mean a whole lot in the way of getting a job. What does matter is hustle, and learning from your mistakes. Here are four to avoid. [YouTern]

AmAppyTNGG Loves: 5 Excuses I Give For Looking At The American Apparel Website At Work

If you’ve ever spent a day in Los Angeles or really any major city you’ve probably seen American Apparel’s soft-core porn advertisements. Their website is really not that much different. Here’s a fun game you can play with your friends: split into teams and see who can find the raciest photo in five minutes. You’ll be surprised how far you’ll end up going. [Hello Giggles]

TNGG Loves: Fear and Trembling at the University of Pittsburgh

There have been 45 bomb threats received at the University of Pittsburgh since mid-February. Parents and students are panicked, frustrated, furious. What’s the deal? [Good Men Project]

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