Infographic: Why we should legalize marijuana

I believe this can speak for itself.

Going Green
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5 Responses to “Infographic: Why we should legalize marijuana”

  1. Aaron

    Still don’t really know how to feel about a drug being legalized. I think it should stay illegal. Helping economy alone can not justify putting at risk the life of people.

    • skankworks


      So you think automobiles should be made illegal as well? Traffic on our roads kill more people than tobacco, yet traffic exists purely to help the economy. I’ve also heard a lot of cannabis is transported in vehicles.

      I am in agreement with you. Ban things that put at risk the life of people. Starting with automobiles. And guns.

    • Brody

      The government debt could be less with the REGULATION of the herb. Our economy can be better with legalization for everybody to prosper from all the benefits. If a person does not like drugs, then don’t use them. It’s your life, do what you want Just let people be who they want to be. If they use, so be it. If you don’t use, so be it. Free will is s good thing. Making a decision to be healthy is different for everybody. For some people, not everybody, marijuana is a medicine which is beneficial to their health. If you rather not use any kind of medicine then it’s your choice. Let other people have their own choice as well. People are at risk everyday from car accidents to playing sports to working on the job, should we take that away too? The black market does more harm for our society than something that can be legal and regulated. The black market is uncontrolled which makes the drug scene even more dangerous. It’s time to change that and make our communities safer. Legalization will cost taxpayers less money while increasing revenue for states and local government that can help the budget for the needs of the community. Jobs will be created. People will have money to spend at local businesses which fosters a better lifestyle for the community. Nothing wrong with having more money, which we all need to survive? More people die each year from tobacco, alcohol, and prescribed medications than from marijuana. I thought saving lives was more important than a business that kills for a profit.


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