I'm an online marketing specialist at Blue Fountain Media and an avid tech enthusiast. I've been an outspoken advocate of the Millennial generation ever since I saw the ominous 60-Minutes piece "The 'Millennials' Are Coming" back in 2007. I love reading, writing, working, and whatever will keep me awake to do those things (read: coffee, candy, loud music). Twitter: @adriennewaldo


Should You Add Your Colleague on Facebook?

Take a minute to think before you blindly accept a friend request from a colleague. Use some common sense, consider the possible repercussions, and you’ll make the right decision.


The Twelve Brands of Christmas

Holiday marketing is some of the most pervasive we see all year. Every season, a few brands manage to stand out in the sea of red and green, holiday cheese, joy, peace and fa-la-las.