I was born in the blond sunshine of southern California, and reared in the blond Scandinavian casserole of suburban Minnesota. My parents are neurologists, and so I love my brain for all of its wackiness and resent it for all of its neuroses. I feel exactly the same way about America, which is why I like to write about it. Twitter: @deaddad


H. Jon Benjamin, His Voice and His Van

H. Jon Benjamin is a Generation X slacker hero who is making Generation Y crack up, and now he is on the loose in America.


“The Heat Wave Episode”

Sizzling sun and stiff collars make for excellent TV during a heat wave. That is, an onscreen heat wave.


Harry Potter’s Literacy Legacy

Even as the HP film franchise comes to a close, the bright imaginations of young readers have no end. Hollywood, however, may monopolize magic.


Mash-Up Culture: Why We Remix Everything

The highest form of flattery is imitation, and our re-incorporation of “classic” elements of film and music shows a profound reverence for the art that came before us.