As a 20-something finishing Emerson College with a bang, I spend most of my time studying Social Media and fiction writing. I have a passion for blogging, science fiction entertainment, and doing things most house mothers wouldn't approve of. I'm looking to share my voice and find a social media gig making people laugh. Twitter: @YouGoAmandaCoco


5 Gift Ideas for Hipsters

In typical hipster fashion, you will never hear one claim that they want something more than a pack of Newports and a case of PBR this holiday season.


How to Take a Happy/Fun Class

In light of rising unemployment rates, college tuition, and outlandish ATM fees, it might be hard to justify taking some time for yourself. But fun is important too.


Surviving Summer Concerts

What to expect and what you need to know to survive even the sloppiest, most outrageous, or sickest summer concert.