Media & Culture major at Bentley University. Interested in learning as much as possible about film production, writing, PR/Marcom, entrepreneurship, and social media.


Best Generation Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to the PEW Research Center study on our generation we have actual numbers to show the badassery our generation is associated with.


Resume Bullsh*t Exposed!

It may be funny, and you may think you can get away with it, but lying on your resume is simply not the way to go.


College Dropout to Serial Entrepreneur

Being an anything “dropout” has long been thought to mean many things, above all: “failure.” Spencer Bramson proves that it means anything but.


The Wonderful World of Burlesque

Dancing, feather boas, vinyl, aerial rings, wigs, chains? It’s Burlesque! Jackie Raboin, a Boston based burlesque dancer, tells her story.


Job Survival: 7 Tips for the First Day

Before you strut into your new internship or job with hopes of one day running the place, arm yourself with this important info.


Bentley goes Local with Social Media

Bentley University brought together leading experts and practitioners to talk about how to better use social media in your business and job search.