I dropped out of college, almost died of typhoid, and now I'm back in school. I play drums and read detective novels. Twitter: @arafatkazi


RECIPES: Every Hot Dog Has Its Day

Forget about ingredients like intestine or rat flesh. Instead, close your eyes and savor each wonderful, mysterious bite of a good hot dog with these grown-up recipes.


Confessions of a Non-Threatening Muslim

Muslims might seem to be different now, but watch out. In 2020 you’ll see a sitcom about Arif Abdullah, the guy who flosses too much.


Gift Ideas for your Favorite Prof

Professors are the perfect combination — they’re our social superiors, and they’re educators. So what should you get them for Christmas? It’s more complex than you think.


OkCupid and how we define ourselves, in numbers and nuance

Internet dating site OKCupid posted one of their super-informative blog posts the other day, and it’s about the statistical differences between gays and straights. It’s a great read, and the main takeout is that the sexual habits of gays and straights aren’t that different from each other (big surprise there).


What we talk about when we talk about loving brands

If you want to sell me something, give me an experience, tell me a story, or be my friend. Simple recognition, which once worked so well, suddenly isn’t good enough anymore. Instead, we now look to have a slick user interface, or just a warm smile. I’m a human being. Give me a great experience, I’ll come back. And I’ll bring my friends.