Originally from Las Vegas, I have made Madison, Wisconsin my home. I am a seven year undergraduate who has studied Russian history, American political science, cartography, and human geography, but I have finally settled on Interior Design. As a world explorer, I have learned the basics of living sustainably without sacrificing my own comfort. Twitter: @clearshmear


Bike Safe: Six Rules of the Road

Before you hop on that squeaky bike of yours, there are some things you need to know; specifically, bike etiquette and laws.


Game Day “Survival Guide” Recipes

They’ll think you spent so much time and a ton of money in preparing these items, but the secret is, that’s not true. Here are the budget-friendly, munchy, delicious, and super-simple recipes that you make for your game day celebration.


Veg-Out! Part Two

Student, world traveler, philanthropist and successful IRL (that’s short for “in real life”) vegetarian extraordinaire, Trisha King, shows us how to be lean, green, veggie-sautéing machines by whipping up some guilt-free delights just in time for Thanksgiving!


Create an Alternative: DIY Dryer Sheet Pillow

Laundry is one of life’s necessary evils. However, it can still be harmful to your health as well as the environment. These little pillows are an eco-friendly, cost-effective substitute for traditional dryer sheets and their toxic by-products.


DIY: The BEST Souvenir

Inspired by Travel Week, this canvas decoupage is a simple and cheap project to help save all of your memories. Many of the brochures, maps and tickets that you collect during your journey can be turned into an amazing keepsake and a fun piece of art to spruce up your dorm room or apartment. Keep it in mind during your next trip!