I’m not a drama queen; life's more exciting with exaggeration. I’m not high maintenance; I just know what I want. Mobile apps, innovation, reinvention – and generally all technology – never cease to amaze me. I’m a PR pro, iPhone addict, UMich grad, Jackie O-aspiring metro-Detroit native, who has the gritty, true perspective on our millennial culture. And while you’ll likely find me wearing seersucker, you can feel free to take me seriously.


Nice Apps! Top 5 for Earth Day

While going green is a humble tribute to the environment, it’s admittedly good for your wallet, too.


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Sleep is precious. Sweet, sweet sleep. These apps will help you savor and internalize every moment your head rests on that plush, down pillow.


Nice Apps! Top 5 for April Fools Pranking

Grab your phone and get your prank on, like a true Jersey Shore prankster. Don’t be an April fool, succumbing to the day’s trickery! These apps will have your back.


5 Simple Ways To Avoid Workplace Burnout

Here’s how to stay on top of your game, while keeping all of the balls in the air, and your body, mind and spirit in a healthy balance, too.


Nice Apps! Top 5 for March Madness

No, really; this year, you will win. These apps will ensure that you leave the table with at least a little bit of earned loot, and not to mention a bit of pride, too.


Nice Apps! Top 5 for Saving Dough

These apps are best for all around savings, and are specifically targeted at our most routine expenditures: transportation, grocery shopping, bar and overall finance planning. This will help you save money…the easy way.