I'm a recent grad (Wellesley '11!) trying to break into the art world. When I'm not reading, writing, or tweeting about the contemporary art world, I like shoes, soccer, and Star Wars. Like Liz Lemon, I list things in threes.


LA Ready for Pacific Standard Time Art Takeover

This fall marks the beginning of one of SoCal’s most ambitious arts events in recent history: Pacific Standard Time, a group of exhibitions devoted to exploring the dynamics of LA’s art scene from 1945-1980.


Linkin Park Performs Hits and Misses

In terms of the attempt to relive my youth, Linkin Park’s performance was yet another reminder that real life can’t live up to the sublime warmth of a childhood memory.


A Short, Sweet Set from Friendly Fires

Running into half your office at a concert is always awkward, but Friendly Fires were so good (as were the four pints of beer) that it didn’t matter at all.