I'm a recent grad (Wellesley '11!) trying to break into the art world. When I'm not reading, writing, or tweeting about the contemporary art world, I like shoes, soccer, and Star Wars. Like Liz Lemon, I list things in threes.


True Life: I Hated Chihuly

If Chihuly promised an intense visual experience, it delivered… to an extent. But the exhibition is nearly over, and I can finally admit, loudly and proudly, that I hated it.


Best of the YBAs: Young British Artists

Made in Britain was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in a Hong Kong government-run museum and it made me think of my favorite YBAs.


Five Must-Follow Art Twitter Feeds

Museums tweet, art magazines tweet, art blogs tweet. Basically everyone who’s committed to promoting themselves in the art world tweets, resulting in a huge amount of Twitter feeds.


Art in the Desert of Censorship

A huge museum project has begun taking shape in Hong Kong, along with those in Doha and Abu Dhabi.


Art of the Arab Spring, Now in Venice

The recent revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa are playing a huge role at the contemporary art world’s largest event, the Venice Biennale.


Museum Etiquette: The Worst Faux Pas

I’ll be honest here: I’m probably the worst museum visitor ever. I have spent the last four years sniffling, sneezing, and sleeping through lengthy museum visits (usually at 9 am on Saturday mornings). I am the worst art history major … Continued