I've lived in Pakistan and I've lived in America. Seeing two extremes makes me so much more of a writer than I could ever be. And spreading that is the most important thing to me right now.


Sesame Street’s new address in Pakistan

A Pakistani version of Sesame Street will air in that country at the end of November. But it’s funded by the United States. How wrong is this?


This Summer, Be a Kid Again

It’s important to remember when we were once young and innocent. But how can we simply leave aside our important adult responsibilities and pretend to be a kid again?


Young Adult Fiction too Dark? Or too Real?

WSJ’s Meghan Cox Gurdon makes no secret that she believes young adult books shouldn’t be as dark as some are getting. But she misses the counterpoint.


Pump up your workout with Zumba

Welcome to the world of Zumba, an intense, yet satisfying and fun workout session that’ll get you fit and get your blood pumping.